Muttai Pradeep's B'Day Celebrations 2008...

Posted by redthil On 3/06/2008 12:36:00 AM

March 5, Bangalore : Today is Mr. Pradeep Surianarayanan's 26th birthday. He's one of our DBA Team Member, to say it simple, he's my team-mate. He's from Madurai, but had his Schoolings at Coimbatore and did his Enginerring at BITS, Pilani. He was working in TCS for about an year and is with Oracle for more than 3 years. Thats a little background info about him. Lets come to our topic now. The complete day was filled with lots of fun in celebrating his B'Day. We actually thought of going to his house @ 12am and give him a surprise. But to our unluck, he already had plans to go to his Sister's house. But i think he enjoyed a lot in his sister's house, where he cut a white-forest cake and was gifted with a red-devil ManU jersey, which he always wanted to have, by his sister's family and his cousin Anand. And he proudly wore that for office.

But here in office, even though we remembered his B' Day and wished him @ 12am, we totally forgot to decorate his cubicle. And Thiagarajan finally reminded that @ 1am, from his house. To add to our unluck, all the decoration items were locked in Thiagarajan's cupboard. Among all these series of unluck, the only luck we got was, few of us were here at office, when we remembered to decorate. "Luck/UnLuck can never stand before human's creativity" - hence managed to do some decoration at his place, so that we can give some surprise, atleast when he comes to office.

I think he got wishes from almost all our colleagues, caz he sits right near the entrance, b4 11:30pm (as i usually come to office at that time). After some time, we got some contribution from Tech Team in decorating his place. We had lunch at our Cafeteria (as usual...) at around 1pm. Thiagarajan, Prabhu, Sivaraj and Me already planned to get fast-track coolers for him. So we (Pradeep, Thiagarajan, Prabhu, Anand, Madhu and Me) went to Titan showroom at Forum Mall. Its was great fun in choosing the right one which suits him. We almost asked the helper at the store to take out every specs that has been displayed. At last, ended up to choose one from two selected glasses. It took almost 10mins to decide. After getting that, we returned to our regular work, quick daily T-Meeting, weekly DBA Team meeting, some more work.

Then comes the celebration time. Prabhu and me got a cherry-butterscotch cake from Sweet Chariot cake shop. The colour of the cake matches with the t-shirt which Pradeep was wearing. to be honest, we got that cake with a doubt, whether the cake will be tasty. But as soon as the cake was cut by the B'Day boy, and had one piece, the whole cake got over in few minutes. The cake was simply delicious. This time i got only one piece (and the last half piece) [ :( ] , as i was little busy in capturing the moments thru my new mobile [ :) ]. when cake-cutting got over, it was our usual snacks time @ cafeteria. Had few vada, bajji, samosa, Tea, etc.... After that little snacks, we played Carom for some time. Surprisingly, Prabhu also joined us in the Carom and single-handedly [ :) ] won the first game.

After that, the same usual thing, work, work, work... then dinner, then work, work, work and now i'm ready to go home.. Tatta...

you can visit here for more pics regarding Pradeep's B'Day Celebration...

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