yahoooooo .... its raining...

Posted by redthil On 3/15/2008 08:04:00 PM

After a looooooooong time, i could smell the odor of the rain drops falling on ground.

Its like the two big armies, one from heaven and the other from hell, each having googolplex soldiers on both the sides, colliding in a huge battle... The thunders,This photo is from one of my friend, Harsh's Picture Gallery. being the trumpets, signals and shows the fierceness of the soldiers from Heaven. Even though the primary weapon for the soldiers from Heaven is speed and force, they have a special weapon called 'Lightning' - THE most dangerous weapon... But the soldiers from Hell were not in a aggressive mood. They are in defensive stand. And i think, this is the ONLY battle where the target to reach is Hell. Only few soldiers manage to attain their Goal. But here too, TEAM WORK is the most important tactic to be followed, for success. :) But the beneficiary in this battle is Humans. Until this battle doesn't go beyond the tolerable level, its fine. Otherwise, it'll be the humans who'll be suffering.

ok.. lets come to reality now. since its raining heavily, i thought that the roads will be deserted. just now went out to see the situation out. To my surprise, its total Traffic jam. On looking outside, it appears as if all vehicles are parked in the road, with its engine off. And most of the vehicles were two wheelers...What a city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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