FIA announces provisional 2009 Formula One calendar

Posted by redthil On 6/26/2008 11:58:00 AM

Formula One racing’s governing body, the FIA, has released a provisional calendar for the 2009 world championship. The addition of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix makes for a 19-round season - one more round than in 2008.

2009 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar (provisional)
29 March Australia
5 April Malaysia
19 April Bahrain
10 May Spain
24 May Monaco
7 June Canada
21 June Great Britain
28 June France
12 July Germany
26 July Hungary
9 August Turkey
23 August Europe (Valencia)
6 September Italy
13 September Belgium
27 September Singapore
11 October Japan
18 October China
1 November Brazil
15 November Abu Dhabi

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What "GENDER" u're???

Posted by redthil On 6/23/2008 04:39:00 PM

"What gender u're?" - do u think this just a stupid question. this post will make u to re-think that. This is the most easiest question that one will like to answer (with proud) while filling a personal details form ( i think many people makes mistakes while answering the question "whats your name?") Nowadays, we can see this question in the new user registration pages for blogs, mail accounts or any type of online accounts. And the website builders are very smart to make that as a "Drop-Down ListBox", where the two values "Male" and "Female" (in some cases, "Transgender" too) gets defaulted in that List . So, we confidently choose either "Male" or "Femlae" (I'm very glad that this is not a multi-selection ListBox).

Today, i was about to register in one of the most popular online blog community website. And i got stunned by the list which appeared when i clicked the small inverted-triangle in the "Gender" field. Oh Man..i never seen such a list anywhere, in any of the sites which i have visited/registered till now. Here's that list to make u wonder. Have a look and get stunned...

Don't ask me what i selected... u should never have any doubt in that...

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Walking a little can go a long way...

Posted by redthil On 6/13/2008 08:58:00 PM

I came across this article in one of the CNN health section.

Just a brief outline of whats there for you in this post... (but my suggestion is to read this completely....)

> Walking every day brings many health benefits

> A brisk walk in the afternoon will help you get a better night's sleep, experts say
> You can significantly reduce breast-cancer risk by walking, one study says
> Walking may help ward off Alzheimer's disease, studies say

found it very useful... hence didn't edit/modify/add any word in that article. here it is...

What if there was something simple you could do every day that would burn calories, be good for your heart, and help you stay young. You'd do it, right?

Researchers and doctors say walking cuts breast-cancer risks, protects your bones, helps you sleep, and more.

Well, that's why researchers and doctors are so gung ho about walking, especially in light of new research that credits it for everything from cutting breast-cancer risks to helping you sleep.

Walking is not just a weenie activity for the nonathletic, says Michelle Look, M.D., national medical consultant to the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk and a physician who specializes in sports medicine in San Diego, California: "It's good for just about anybody, and the health benefits are particularly significant for women." Here, eight reasons to start walking -- or just walk a little more often.

1. It's great for the heart

In a recent study conducted at Duke University Medical Center, researchers found that walking briskly for 30 minutes every day lowers your odds of developing metabolic syndrome, a cluster of risk factors linked to higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Roughly 24 million women in the United States have metabolic syndrome. Don't have time for a daily half-hour walk? Try multitasking: A British study found that active commuting (incorporating walking and cycling into your sedentary commute) is associated with an 11 percent reduction in heart-disease risk, especially among women.

2. It cuts breast-cancer risks

Walking, even for a few hours a week, significantly reduces breast-cancer risk, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The thinking is that walking helps reduce levels of body fat, a source of estrogen. The research looked at 74,000 postmenopausal women between the ages of 50 and 79. Those at a normal weight lowered their risk by 30 percent; those who were overweight, by 10 to 20 percent. Younger women may also gain similar benefits.

3. It helps you sleep

A brisk walk in the afternoon will help you get a better night's sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Experts say that walking may boost levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin, which relaxes you. Or, the rise in body temperature brought on by walking may signal the brain to lower your temperature later, which promotes sleep. (Avoid a walk two hours before bed --that's too late to cool down.)

4. It cuts down on aches and pains

Walk the "Chi" (pronounced chee) way and you could have fewer achy days. Nine years ago, Danny Dreyer, an ultra-marathoner then living near San Francisco, California, invented ChiWalking, which incorporates ideas from Tai Chi, yoga, and Pilates. It looks like regular walking but, because you consciously relax, improve the alignment of your body, and involve arm movements, puts less stress on the legs while you walk. That means fewer aches. "ChiWalking can cut down any risk of injury," says Alice Peters Diffely, a ChiWalking instructor in Portland, Oregon. "Your whole body will feel better."

5. It makes you happy

Walking can relieve depression, anxiety, and stress. Just one 30-minute walk may make you feel better when you're down, University of Texas researchers found. Head out for 90 minutes five times a week and you'll get the biggest boost, according to a new study from Temple University. One possible explanation: Walking helps the body produce endorphins, the mood-boosting chemicals linked to "runner's high."

6. It keeps you slimmer

Walking for 30 minutes a day can prevent weight gain in most people who are physically inactive, according to another Duke study. And researchers from Brown University and the University of Pittsburgh showed that women who walked for an hour five days a week and consumed 1,500 calories a day lost and kept off 25 pounds over the course of a year. The reason walking helps control your weight: It's easy! "The harder the exercise is, the less people will do it," says Johnny Benjamin, MD, chairman of the department of orthopedics at Indian River Medical Center in Vero Beach, Florida.

7. It staves off senior moments

Several studies in older people suggest that walking -- even for as little as 45 minutes a week -- helps ward off Alzheimer's disease. Regular strolls are also linked to mental sharpness in seniors. But regardless of your age, walking is likely to help keep your mind active, Benjamin says-particularly if you stroll with friends; walking while talking is a surefire brain booster.

8. It protects your bones

Just 30 minutes of walking three times a week does wonders to prevent and treat thinning bones. This kind of exercise, which uses 95 percent of your muscles, actually pushes your bones to get stronger so they can handle the load. "Walking," Look says, "is not just for cardio."


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think again - Ellam Maayai

Posted by redthil On 6/05/2008 08:22:00 PM

"Think Again"... This has become a buzz word these days for me. why? because, lot of things, which i felt to be in a particular way, in reality, is not that way. i mean, LOT of things. Those informations which makes me to think again are not just from one source - news, dailies, online articles, even the little conversation i have with friends, it may be any way of communication. Each and everything makes me to think that the world is not the way i was thinking till now.

I dont know whether the problem lies with me. May be, i was really in a Dream world all these days. May be, the way i'm perceiving things is not the right way to perceive things. May be, the way i approach each and every situation is not the right way to approach. May be, the way i deal with each and every people whom i come across is not the right way to deal with.

I dont know why the way i think is so different than the way a person would think. I can give a small example for this. What will you think, if you see a person driving his bike rashly? Wont you think "He's surely going to meet with an accident soon. Only then he'll realize" ? But, the way i think is "reach home safely buddy".

Isn't this strange? Isn't this odd? I'm in real confusion now. More than confusion, i'm scared to the core. What if, if all these 'May Be's turns to 'Yes's. That would mean that all thru my life, till this second, i was living in myth. A Myth which prevented me to know the real facts.

This Myth is so mysterious that, i'm not able to get to a conclusion, whether this Myth is Good for me or not. So far, this Unknown Myth has lead and driven me to this level in my life, which is good. But, will this same Myth help me in my future? I don't have any answer for that.

For that matter, i have a hell of questions in-front of me, without the answers. And every question precedes with 'If's and 'But's. So, Until those 'May Be's are turned to 'Yes's or 'No's, Until there are no preceding 'If's and 'But's for the questions which i have, so that i can find answer for those questions once and for all, I'm just going to continue living this "Myth Life".

I used to say "Ellam Maayai" quite often. I never thought about the real hidden truth behind those two words. Yes. Ellaam Maayai.

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think again... very gud n very true...

Posted by redthil On 6/02/2008 11:30:00 AM

Since prabhu (my DBA Team-mate) is leaving Oracle today, i was searching for a very good "Good bye" mail for him. And i came across a blog which has the following post. i felt the content was Very good and very true.. hence i decided to post it here without any editing...

My good bye mail...

Dearest Friends/Seniors,
Finally the time has come to bid adieu, it was a short and a very sweet stay at Inductis. I learnt a lot from all of you, I evolved as an individual and finally I received a lot of love, affection and joy while dealing with most of you.

Before I say goodbye (not the final one), I would just like to share something which recently occupied my mind for most of the time:

I can make attrition models to stop the attrition of customers from a client’s portfolio while I can’t stop the attrition of joy, satisfaction and health from my own life.
I can be too involved in predicting which guys can go delinquent while my own health is 90dpd.
I can spend nights after nights doing survival analysis but I can’t figure out which things are essential for my “Healthy Survival”,
I don’t want to be too much engrossed customizing a client’s IVR according to the needs of his customers while I can’t customize my life according to my friends/loved ones/kids/spouse/my parents.
Be yourself, live your OWN LIFE, don’t get too much influenced by other people’s life. Don’t be jealous(and If you succeed then let me know how J), sometimes you will be way ahead; sometimes you will be way behind. It’s a long race and in the end it’s going to be with yourself only.
don’t strive for a big bungalow or villa if you have decided to spent most of your time in the office
don’t run after luxurious cars if they are going to be parked in your office parking for most of the time, instead buy a small car and have time to go on a drive with your parents/someone you love/friends,
don’t join an expensive health club if you are never going to go there,
You are juggling your career, health, relations, status and money in a circus called life. Be very sure which balls you want to handle carefully; relations and health are made of glass once dropped they will be shattered while career and money are like tennis ball and they can bounce back again. --- ex president of coca cola is of this particular view
few years from now you won’t regret about certain badly written codes/ badly made presentations/bad Ratings/missed Promotions but you will surely miss the time which you COULD HAVE spent with your parents/kids/spouse/lover, your youth , your health, the bachelor nights spent at some club with your friends
Don’t run In a vicious circle which says.. earn lots of money and world will call you successful and that success will give you the joy, try the other way round, do what you love to do, gain joy…success will surely follow and then money and fame will be all yours.

One should work for a living and not live for working. Rest we all have different priorities in life and you know your’s well.

That’s how I think, you re a free soul and very much intelligent to reject this theory or carve out a new one for yourself. I wish you all lots of love, tons of affection, loads of joy, numerous happy days, lots of health and a lot of people to care about you. I hope the bond which I made here with all of you will only strengthen with time and we all will have a lot of happy memories to share while we meet in future.

“a ship is safe in the harbor but that’s not what ships are meant for” …start the journey called life and explore all that you can in a single lifetime…
Lots of love

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