What "GENDER" u're???

Posted by redthil On 6/23/2008 04:39:00 PM

"What gender u're?" - do u think this just a stupid question. this post will make u to re-think that. This is the most easiest question that one will like to answer (with proud) while filling a personal details form ( i think many people makes mistakes while answering the question "whats your name?") Nowadays, we can see this question in the new user registration pages for blogs, mail accounts or any type of online accounts. And the website builders are very smart to make that as a "Drop-Down ListBox", where the two values "Male" and "Female" (in some cases, "Transgender" too) gets defaulted in that List . So, we confidently choose either "Male" or "Femlae" (I'm very glad that this is not a multi-selection ListBox).

Today, i was about to register in one of the most popular online blog community website. And i got stunned by the list which appeared when i clicked the small inverted-triangle in the "Gender" field. Oh Man..i never seen such a list anywhere, in any of the sites which i have visited/registered till now. Here's that list to make u wonder. Have a look and get stunned...

Don't ask me what i selected... u should never have any doubt in that...

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  1. Unknown Said,

    what website is that??

    Posted on Sunday, June 29, 2008 5:51:00 PM

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