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Today is my second anniversary @ Oracle. So, was checking for few details about anniversaries yesterday, and got these really interesting details about anniversaries. Till yesterday i didnt know anything about it and not even bothered to know more about anniversaries. But after getting these details, i'm really amused with these many things for anniversaries. Here are they:

Actually, We call the anniversaries like Silver (for 25th), Gold (for 50th), etc based on the gifts which are given to your loved ones on that many year completion. even this i came to know only yesterday. (So beware guys. Don't ever share this with your loved ones.. jus kiddin.. ;) )

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts
It is traditional to give a gift that symbolises the particular anniversary, typically these are made of a different material for each wedding anniversary.

1st - First - Paper
2nd - Second - Cotton
3rd - Third - Leather
4th - Fourth - Fruit/Flowers
5th - Fifth - Wood
6th - Sixth - Candy/Iron
7th - Seventh - Wool/Copper
8th - Eighth - Bronze/Pottery
9th - Ninth - Pottery/Willow
10th - Tenth - Tin/Aluminium
11th - Eleventh - Steel
12th - Twelfth - Silk/Linen
13th - Thirteenth - Lace
14th - Fourteenth - Ivory
15th - Fifteenth - Crystal
20th - Twentieth - China
25th - Twenty-Fifth - Silver
30th - Thirtieth - Pearl
35th - Thirty-Fifth - Coral
40th - Fortieth - Ruby
45th - Forty-Fifth - Sapphire
50th - Fiftieth - Gold
55th - Fifty-fifth - Emerald
60th - Sixtieth - Diamond
65th Wedding Anniversary -- Diamond
70th Wedding Anniversary -- Platinum
75th Wedding Anniversary -- Diamond

Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts
First - Clocks
Second - China
Third - Crystal/Glass
Fourth - Appliances
Fifth - Silverware
Sixth - Candy/Iron
Seventh - Desk Sets
Eighth - Bronze/Pottery
Ninth - Linen/Lace
Tenth - Leather
Eleventh - Jewellery
Twelfth - Pearls
Thirteenth - Textiles/Furs
Fourteenth - Gold Jewellery
Fifteenth - Watches
Twentieth - Platinum
Twenty-Fifth - Silver
Thirtieth - Diamond
Thirty-Fifth - Jade
Fortieth - Ruby
Forty-Fifth - Sapphire
Fiftieth - Gold
Fifty-fifth - Emerald
Sixtieth - Diamond

Anniversary Names
Anniversaries are often given names to represent their numbers. Some are very common. Some are quite a mouthful. Here are some of the more commonly accepted names.

Year Anniversary Name
2nd Biennial
3rd Triennial
4th Quadrennial
5th Quinquennial
6th Hexennial
7th Septennial
8th Octennial
9th Novennial
10th Decennial
11th Hendecennial
12th Duodecennial
13th Tredecennial
15th Quindecennial
16th Sextodecennial
17th Septendecennial
20th Vigintennial
30th Trigentennial
40th Quadragennial
50th Quinquagenary or Jubilee
60th Sexagennial
70th Septuagennial
75th Septuagesiquintennial
80th Octogintennial
90th Nonagintennial
100th Centennial
125th Quasquicentennial
150th Sesquicentennial
175th Septaquintaquinquecentennial
200th Bicentennial
225th Quasquibicentennial
250th Semiquincentennial
300th Tercentennial
350th Semiseptcentennial
400th Quatercentenary
500th Quincentennial
600th Sexcentennial
700th Septcentennial
800th Octocentennial
1,000th Millenial
15,000th Quindecimillenial

And apart from these things, i just browsed thru a awesome site... don't want to bore you by giving explanations.. just check this site by yourself..

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