Hence Proved - Murphy's Laws...

Posted by redthil On 9/20/2008 09:16:00 PM

I believe most of you have heard about the "Murphy's Laws". (if not you can know little here). The most famous one being "If anything can go wrong, it will". This law holds good in all conditions and at all time. There'll be lot of situations in our daily life, where this law gets proved over and over again. Here are the two scenarios which i faced in recent days which also proves that those laws are absolutely right.
The first one which happened last week is the reason for my previous post. The procedure for configuring new router is soooooo simple that even a layman can do it perfectly without any issues. But there comes the power of Murphy's Law. Everthing went fine till i the power to the router got interrupted unexpectedly, when i was trying to remove the mobile charger (which has no connection with the router. not even the router adapter and my mobile charger were connected in the same power board). Thats it. just 1 second of power outage to the router at the crucial moment (when the router basic firmware was getting upgraded) caused so much of issues that, i decided at one point of time to dump this router (btw, the cost of that router was Rs. 2500 :( ) and get new one. But we cant leave it so easily right (That thought of dumping it came after 2 hours of struggle to get the router up and running). Another 1.5hrs of struggle, there comes the router alive again.
Second one is even more interesting and very critical. This one happened when i was taking "Workshop Training to All India Oracle Accelerators Partners". They were group of 30, sitting in a conference room in gurgoan. So, this DBA workshop was thru online web conference. Me and my team-mate, along with my manager were in one of conf rooms here. My part in the workshop is to walk thru the steps of installing OBA instance with demo of the same. Everything was going fine from starting. After 10 mins, there was a sudden problem in network connection for us, that too when i was taking training for the first time for someone outside Oracle (Note: They have paid huge sum for taking this training. So you can imagine the importance of this training). Thats it. I was thinking that i screwed the whole training. We couldnt find any reasons for that loss of network. My team-mate, who is sitting next to me, has no issues in network. Got relaxed when my manager told me that even when the network is lost, the online web conf will be active for 10 mins, so i just continued the training. And to our relief, it got restored in the next minute. But that one minute, was like hell.

Only from these incidents i found that though this law seems to be not doing good at first glance, It really does good thing for us. If not that time, you wont get any other oppurtunity to learn to tackle those situations or find perfect solution for the problems. Net-Net, Never Ever think that you are in bad situation. Change the way of looking at it as the perfect oppurtunity to learn. As you pass those hurdles, you are that close to reach your goal.


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