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Posted by redthil On 9/08/2008 04:51:00 PM

Yesterday i went to Wonderla. This is not my first visit to that place. May be fourth or fifth time. But still the eagerness to go there has not diminished, not even 0.0000001%. And Wonderla has never failed to meet the expectation. Thats a very gud place to be together with friends all thru the day. Thats the main reason i would say for going there, having fun together with friends. This gives a huge break from our routine daily life. This time, we were 9 of us. We're not from the same company. But this group is a fun loving group, always awaiting for adventures. Last time we went to River Rafting & Trekking near kudremukh. (the post related to that trip is under construction. you can expect it to be published very soon. will update here with that link - "Trekking & River Rafting... - Day One"). When we were on our way back, we already decided that our next trip will be to Wonderla. Though the date was fixed long back, it was just yes/no till saturday. Saturday morning is when Thiagarajan, our Gang CEO, decided and finally said "Yes. We're goin on sunday". So, all set for the trip by sturday evening. We went there in bikes - Deepak & Pradeep , Lakshmi & Prathiba , Vijay & Nirmal, Harsha & Me, and Thiagarajan. 

Adding to being together is the thrilling, fun filled rides that the wonderla offers you. Each one is class of its own. No two rides are similar and you wont have any excuses to skip any of the ride, be it dry or water rides. We all had fun the whole day. Starting from Maverick, Y-Scream, Hurricane, Insanity, net walk, lazy river,  termite train, wave pool, water rides etc till the WonderSplash - everything was just amazing. Me and Harsha were challenging each other in all the rides and had fun always.If you ask me the rides which makes me coming to wonderla again n again, i would value that one question to 100 marks, caz its that difficult. but my most fav one is the insane "Insanity". It is completely fun, right from the start, as we wont have any idea which direction we'll be the next second. (Me and Harsha went this ride thrice continously.) And Maverick will be the second most fav one, which is followed by Y-Scream and all water sports. i think i forgot to mention that "Giant Wheel".. though this is not that much thrilling, as it moves in snail pace, it gives a very gud view of the entire location and we feel like we're floating on top of everything nearby. (we didnt go for this one this time, as it was so dark in the sky and we have to reach the city before it starts raining).

After all the fun we had, we started at around 6:15pm from wonderla. And reached my place around 7:45pm. I thank each and every one for making this wonderful trip a memorable one, specially to Thiagarajan for planning this, Last but not the least, to Harsha, for painfully having me as the pillion, all thru the way. Great fun ppl. Will meet you soon at our next trip.


  1. CoNfUsEd Said,

    Dai Machcha !!

    read this post now ... no need to thank and all ra .... had an awesome time that day !!

    waiting for the next trip !!!


    Posted on Monday, November 24, 2008 12:22:00 AM

  2. redthil Said,

    me too on the waiting list.. ;)
    hope the list is long and the waiting time is short.. :P

    Posted on Monday, November 24, 2008 12:25:00 AM

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