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Posted by redthil On 10/06/2008 12:08:00 AM

Wondering what the subject is??? Dont waste any of your precious time in decoding that. Imagine like you are reading English, written in Arabic style i.e. Just read from right 2 left. Wondering whether i had gone MAD? Not really... Having read the subject (in the way it has to be read), i'm no way referring "The journey of Life". This is all about the 5km walk from Koramangala to Indranagar tonight. Here's how it happened:

Bangalore, Sunday, October 5, 2008: Me, with four of my other friends (ex-colleagues), went to HellBoy 2 @ PVR, 5.50pm show. After which we had dinner at Anjappar - A Chettinad Restaurant in Koramangala. Dinner was awesome, as usual. Had my favorite "Egg Appam with Poondu Kolambu" and few other varieties. I had only a little food (As you are already aware that i'm in DIET). Few Chit-Chats and when i saw my watch, the hour hand already crossed 300Degrees. So, i said its getting late and i have to leave , having the fact that bus frequency will become close to nil as it gets late in mind. One of my friend funnly asked "Going by walk???". And me, without even letting him to complete that question, answered "no chance. bus-stop is right there only" (pointing to the location where the bus-stop is, which is just 100mts away). After i bid adieu to them, as i walked towards the bus-stop, that question flashed in my mind - "Why not doing that?". Then thought "5kms... In late night... Thru that troublesome intermediate ring road... Alone... Someone doing such an act, will surely be MAD. Are you damn sure you're goin to do that?". But it has been years since i walked so long at late night. I remembered those days in college, when we (my hostelmates) go for night show movie on saturday night (as saturday is a free-night i.e. we can come at any time in night). And we walk back to hostel in late night as a group.

"Gone are those Days. I'm going to do it..."- answered myself, took my ear phones, plugged in to my mobile phone, selected "Melodies" in the playlist category and started walking. I pass that part of the route atleast twice a day. So, i knew that route so damn well that i could actually point out which shop will be at which location in that route. Only to discover now that i am wrong. There were lot of things which i have failed to notice in that intermediate ring road, though travelled thru it atleast 200 times, which last only for 3-5mins. Those increase in number of trees, bent posts, unlit lamps, pleasant noise which insects make, lot more... Tonight was unusually Dark. And not much of street lights switched on, thanks to our government (hope this is a move to save electricity. At times, we need to be optimistic u kno...) Not much of vehicles, thanks to the long weekend. Actually, the second one gave me more pros: first - not much of noise pollution, second - not much of air pollution, so that i was able to feel the cold breeze, passing thru my body. And when you see those vehicles emerging far away from you occasionally, it looked as if Bakira , with dark body and bright eyes, is coming to help you. (Effect of Jungle Book movie which i saw this morning). Was grazing thru all the magic events which happened during my college days. Again, Gone are the Days... It was a Lonely, but pleasant half-an-hour walk.

"And I'm not MAD. Just a Simple Crazy Kid."


  1. Chandru Said,

    I agree that you are crazy but not a kid ;-)

    And stop such crazy lonely walk at nights atleast in Bangalore.

    Posted on Monday, October 06, 2008 2:48:00 PM

  2. redthil Said,

    no.. me poor kid only..

    And about the night walk, not always da. very rarely. may be , i may not do that again.. :)

    Posted on Monday, October 06, 2008 3:23:00 PM

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