Wish you a Happy Married Life Sanjeev..

Posted by redthil On 10/09/2008 01:03:00 AM

Bangalore, 08Oct08: Sanjeev is our DBA Team-mate. He's getting married tomorrow. So we all went for his reception at Tumkur today. We officially called our day off at 5pm in the evening. This is very very early and very rare thing to happen in our Team. we were nine of us (as Pradeep n Venkata is in vacation and Nagaraja had some personal work). Purnima, Raja, Me n Shibu went in Rao's Car and Prasoon, Sasi and Vishal went in Anand's Car. We went thru Yashwantpur from office. But just to cross yashwantpur itself, it took around 1 and half hours. Heavy Traffic as it was long holiday weekend. Adding to that is the bad road, which made driving little more tiresome one, though i was not driving (i think you already knew that i drive only F1 cars.. that too only McLaren Cars.. :) ). So it took almost 3 and half hours to reach Tumkur

We then went to see the Bride n Bridegroom, busy in giving pose for the photo, as usual. And there was a big queue to give the gift and take snap with the couple. We thought we have to wait atleast 1 hour to get a chance to reach the stage. But we got direct pass from the BrideGroom to go directly to the stage, without standing in the queue. Thanks to Sanjeev. We gave the gift and posed for the group photo with the new couple. We then had dinner (as usual, as i'm in diet, had only little food.. ;) ) and then started back to banglore at around 10pm. Though the road was in the same condition, the traffic was far far better than the onward journey. So, reached our office at around 11:30pm, booked cab for 12 and left office. I dedicate this post to Rao, for his fantastic driving and Anand too. Thanks a Ton Rao and Anand.

Again, Best wishes to the newly wed couple for a Happy Married Life...


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