Dont Click It...

Posted by redthil On 12/17/2008 05:37:00 PM

  • How hard is it to break with our clicking habits?
  • What happens, if we remove the essential element of navigation from an interface, which we are accustomed to?
  • Does it change our behavior of navigation?
  • Is this change for good or for bad?
  • What do we gain from it?
  • Do we miss the Click at all?
  • Does this have any influence on our perception of the interface?
  • Is clicking really rooted that deeply in us, that we can not resist it?

The answers are not just given to you, but you answer them for yourself, based on the experiences you will make. Here is a website which provides answers to all the above questions...Click on the below picture (for the second last time) to enjoy a damn new experience, of a new interface.

Here are few things which i liked most in that site:
> Understand - MouseWrap
> Learn - The Click Ergonomy
> Explore ---- All the subdivisions

In short, i liked every aspect of that site. Of Course, i have to mention about the Autopilot - tracks all your mouse movements, and it plays it back for you. Just view a demo of how crazy you are in moving your mouse...

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