ReDefine Yourself...

Posted by redthil On 2/27/2009 11:43:00 PM

Its mandatory to read the starting point before proceeding on this Road to Happiness.

So, now you have two list. A positives one and negatives one. You dont have to consider the positive ones, caz all those positives gives you positive energy, which is none other than, being happy. let me call that as "HL" (Happy List). But the negative ones, are really really negative, in reducing the way and the amount of happiness. do you remember, more the list, better you know about yourself... yes... its the time for checking how positive is that negative.

take the second list, analyze on each entry in that list, whether not-liking that - is really worth, whether not-liking that - is really meaningful, whether not-linking that - is mandatory. just strike those points, which does not meet the above said three whethers'. after going thru the list completely, check whats remaining. if needed, revisit the remaining items again. whatever remains now, are the ones, which you dont like at all, and it makes sense in not-liking it. and i'm sure that, the number of items which remains now, will be less than the number of fingers in your right hand.

Now its time to redefine ourselves, with those which are striked out. you can very well stop feeling unhappy because of those. The rest of the items in the list, are the real one to be taken care. i'll call that as "uHL" (UnHappy List). how much does each item in that uHL impacts our happiness, depends on, how close that person is to you. If you find any item in uHL, in the person whom you rarely see, or whom you dont have to bother at all, then the impact is very very low. But, if you find it in the person ,whom love the most or the person whom you spend most of time or the person whom u hav to move along often, then the impact will be more and it'll be more often. Its tough to handle such a kind of scenarios, when your priority is being Happy.

Near or far, close or distant, often or rarely, all those are some form of Relationship only. So, all we have to learn is, how to handle Relationships.....

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About Me!!!!!

Posted by redthil On 2/24/2009 10:04:00 PM

If you're expecting this post to contain anything about ME, i will always say that, you know more about me, than me.

"Tell Me About Yourself..."

-This is the first question which i prepared for interview in my college days (gone are those days...). And the first question i asked, when i took interview. Its really tough to prepare for that. i even got suggestions on what to say, what not to say, how to say, etc. Then comes the tough part of remembering all those when someone asks you. Over there, all i prepared was, what i did for the past 20+ years, what i expect and how i foresee myself few years from now.

But, i always wondered how to know more in-detail about me. how to know, what i like, what i don't like, how i want my life, what all i want to ignore, etc etc. Here is a simple way to find the answers for all those, and know more about you...

Write down the names of three people whom you like the most and list down the qualities/things which you like in them (can be just a single point or several pages). Write down the names of three people whom you hate and list down the qualities/things which you hate in them (more the list, better you know about yourself). Now you have, the two lists, which tells you, who you are..

Try it out.. its good to know, who you really are. amongst all those physical smiles, amongst all those what you claim what you are, you could really know, who you really are.

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The Pleasant Dark Lonely Walk - 3

Posted by redthil On 2/22/2009 10:57:00 PM

mmmm.... back... again....

It was a perfect weekend as i planned for. Yesterday, went to meet my DBA team-mate, and wish him for getting promoted as Father. Honestly, this was the first time i ever saw a baby of just 1 week old. those little fingers, when i touched her, moved randomly, but rythmically. it was so cute. if we have kept a piano, we could have heard an awesome music. i could imagine that. very very nice. it was me, prabhu, pradeep, raja and rao, who went there. And thanks to Aunty, His Mom, for those wonderful Vada's. It was so tasty and i could not spare anything, finished everything. :) then spent few hours in shankar's house, watching the superhit movie "Villu"... As planned, a perfect day to end the week.

Its Sunday... though got up early, had breakfast little late, follwed by few fruits. Actually, planned to go to a restaurant Egg Factory for lunch. but since i had breakfast late, thought that will go there somtime in the evening. time is running too fast u kno, and these days i'm starting to hate me , when postponing something. so, no second thoughts. prepared dinner for my brother and started to Egg Factory. went there, had nice dinner, little costly tho, but i liked it. calm, relaxed and my fav food. its there at St. Marks Road, near MG Road. So, tought catching some auto either at Anil Kumble Circle, or Brigade Rd. or Trinity Circle. As i was confused in deciding from where to catch the Auto, i finally decided, not to take Auto at all.

Yes. decided to walk back to my home, which is around six kilometers from there. thought i'll get a cornetto, my fav, while walking back. hence just turned into Brigade Rd hoping to get it. but within few feet, saw a man selling Corn. :) got one baked corn, and started walking, looking at the tall buildings, glancing at those shops getting closed, wondering that a small temple is more glittering with colourful lights than the Bangalore Central itself, seeing those workers cutting iron rods in constructing overbridge for Namma Metro, finally reached Trinity Circle. And the corn which i also got over. :( so, went to the CCD @ Lido Mall, got one beautiful Blackcurrent Blast, and started walking again. superb road, not just to drive, to walk too. covered with trees on both the sides, smooth road, all buildings related to Air Force, just my fav songs, from Slumdog Millionaire, awesome it was. reached home at around 10.30pm, a wonderful dark pleasant lonely 1hr walk. A perfect way and day to begin a new week.

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Seven Pounds

Posted by redthil On 2/21/2009 02:39:00 AM

A Movie which made me almost CRY.

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Man Vs Machine....

Posted by redthil On 2/18/2009 09:43:00 AM

This was the day in history, when Man replied to the machines attack so strongly and beat machine. No idea what i'm talking about. here it is, This was the day on 1996, when Kasparov - a chess grandmaster, for the first time defeated "Deep Blue" - a super computer capable of evaluating 100 million positions per second. And did you notice the first sentence "Man replied..."? yes... Deep Blue won the first game against Kasparov and stunned the entire chess world. Playing White, Deep Blue won this first game in the match, though Kasparov rebounded over the next 5 games, winning 3 and drawing 2, to soundly beat the machine in the 1996 match. This game (Deep Blue - Kasparov, 1996, Game 1) is world-famous, because it was the first game won by a computer against a reigning world champion under normal chess tournament conditions (in particular, normal time controls). But in May 1997, an updated version of Deep Blue defeated Kasparov 3.5-2.5 in a highly publicised six-game match. The match was level after 5 games but Kasparov was crushed in Game 6. This was the first time a computer had ever defeated a world champion in match play.

I always read the moves of Deep Blue, in its first game against Kasparov in 1996, with wonder. So here are moves along with its comments of experts...

[Event "Deep Blue - Kasparov, 1996, Game 1"]
[Site "Philadelphia, PA USA"]
[Date "1996.02.10"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Deep Blue"]
[Black "Kasparov, Gary"]
[Result "1-0"]
[Opening "Sicilian Defense 2.c3"]
[Annotator "Wheeler, David A."]

1. e4 c5
2. c3
{It's more common to play 2. Nf3, but Kasparov has deep experience
with that line,so white's opening book goes in a different direction.}

2..... d5
3. exd5 Qxd5
4. d4 Nf6
5. Nf3 Bg4
6. Be2 e6
7. h3 Bh5
8. O-O Nc6
9. Be3 cxd4
10. cxd4 Bb4
{A more common move here is Be7. This was a new approach by Kasparov,
developing the bishop in an unusual way.
Whether or not it's a good approach is debated.
After this move, the computer left its opening book
and began calculating its next move.}

11. a3 Ba5
12. Nc3 Qd6
13. Nb5 Qe7?!
{This allows white to make its pieces more active.
Other moves, which would probably be better, include Qb8 and Qd5.}

14. Ne5! Bxe2
15. Qxe2 O-O
16. Rac1 Rac8
17. Bg5
{Black now has a problem, especially with the pinned knight on f6.}

17.... Bb6
18. Bxf6 gxf6
{Kasparov avoids ... Qxf6? because white would gain material with
19. Nd7. Note that Kasparov's king is now far more exposed.}

19. Nc4! Rfd8
20. Nxb6! axb6
21. Rfd1 f5
22. Qe3!
{This is an excellent place for the white queen.}

22... Qf6
23. d5!
{Kasparov commented that he might have offered this pawn sacrifice
himself in this position, since it hurt black's pawn structure,
opened up the board, and black's exposed king suggested that
there was probably a way to exploit the result.
Kasparov has been attacking the d4 pawn,
and the computer wisely decided to advance it for an attack
instead of trying to defend it.}

23... Rxd5
24. Rxd5 exd5
25. b3! Kh8?
{Kasparov attempts to prepare a counter-attack,
by preparing to move his rook to file g,
but it won't work. Burgess suggests that 25....
Ne7 Rxc8+ would have better, though white would still have
some advantage.
Indeed, after this point on it's difficult
to identify any move
that will dramatically help black.}

26. Qxb6 Rg8
27. Qc5 d4
28. Nd6 f4
29. Nxb7
{This is a very "computerish"/materialistic move; white is grabbing
an undeveloped pawn for a small gain in material.
However, the computer has not identified any threat of checkmate
or other risks from black, so it simply acquires the material.}

29.... Ne5
30. Qd5
{The move 30. Qxd4?? would be terrible, because Nf3+ would win
the white queen.}

30.... f3
31. g3 Nd3
{The move 31... Qf4 won't work, because of 32. Rc8! Qg5 33. Rc5!}

32. Rc7 Re8
{Kasparov is attacking, but the computer has correctly determined that
the attack is not a real threat.}

33. Nd6 Re1+
34. Kh2 Nxf2
35. Nxf7+ Kg7
36. Ng5 Kh6
37. Rxh7+
{expecting .... Kg6 's strength is overwhelming.
White will have lots of ways to defeat black,
while black has no real way to attack white. 38. Qg8+ Kf5 39. Nxf3,
Black cannot meet the simultaneous threats of
40. Nxe1, 40. Rf7 and 40. Qd5+. Kasparov resigned. }

Looks like machine language!!!!!! here is a guide to help you out in understanding those lines in the way it has to be interpreted. This way of representing moves is called as "Algebraic Chess Notation".. hope you understood the moves, and got the sequence. :)

I didn't know that....

Indian Defence
Indian defences are chess openings characterized by the moves 1.d4 Nf6, although transpositions are important and many of the positions can be reached by several move orders. They are all to varying degrees hypermodern defences, where Black invites White to establish an imposing presence in the centre with the plan of drawing it out, undermining it, and destroying it. Although Indian defences were championed in the 1920s by players in the hypermodern school, they were not fully accepted until Soviet players showed in the late 1940s that these systems are sound for Black. Since then, Indian defences have been the most popular Black replies to 1.d4 because they offer an unbalanced game with chances for both sides.

The Indian defences are considered more ambitious and double-edged than the symmetrical reply 1...d5. In the Queen's Gambit Declined, Black accepts a cramped, passive position with the plan of gradually equalizing and obtaining counterplay. In contrast, breaking symmetry on move one leads to rapid combat in the centre, where Black can obtain counterplay without necessarily equalising first.

The usual White second move is 2.c4, grabbing a larger share of the centre and allowing the move Nc3, to prepare for moving the e-pawn to e4 without blocking the c-pawn. Black's most popular replies are

* 2...e6, freeing the king's bishop and leading into the Nimzo-Indian Defence, Queen's Indian Defence, Bogo-Indian Defence, Modern Benoni, or regular lines of the Queen's Gambit Declined,
* 2 ... g6, preparing a fianchetto of the king's bishop and entering the King's Indian Defence or Grünfeld Defence, and
* 2 ... c5, the Modern Benoni, with an immediate counter-punch in the centre.

Thanks to :,, and iGoogle

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Say "Hello" in 23 different languages....

Posted by redthil On 2/18/2009 09:09:00 AM

1. english- hi
2. spanish- hola
3. japanese- konnichiwa
4. italian- bonjourno
5. german- halo
6. korean- anyang
7. arabic- maharba
8. mandarin chinese- nihao
9. galician- hola
10. russian- priviet
11. french- bonjour
12. bengali- nomoshkar
13. arabic (egyptian)- ahlan
14. bulgarian- zdravejte
15. croatian- bok
16. czech- ahoj
17. danish- haj
18. dutch- hallo
19. hindi- namste
20. norweigan- hei
21. swedish- hallä
22. thai- sawatdi(ka) and last but not the least,
23. tamil - vanakkam

Want to know in some more languages.... visit here.. still not satisfied, then check here...

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this is how i got a new fridge...

Posted by redthil On 2/16/2009 09:31:00 PM

Last Friday, i was in cab, started from office at around 12 in the midnight (i.e. saturday 12 am), planning for what all i have to do in the weekend. Had two main things in the list. First, going to the Cocoa Show - a chocolate exhibition at palace grounds. Second being, going to Egg Factory - a restaurant in St. Marks Road, where its Egg and Egg only, all variety of dishes made with egg. So, which one to go when was the confusion. Previously had thoughts of going to the Aero India 2009, but i dropped it because of two reason, one - no good camera with me to capture those birds in actions, two - no vehicle as i cant go there in public transport tho there was arrangement for that. Its Valentines Day on Saturday, so thought going to the chocolate exhibition would be appropriate. then thought that i can go to the Egg factory on sunday and went to bed little late, ie around morning that day. Woke up to receive call from my mom at around 8am, asking me to prepare something for breakfast for me and my brother. then came warning from my mom, not to go out that day anywhere. You know that i'm good kid, isn't it. Yes it is. so, was just spending time at home only. prepared puliyodhara (forgive me if i spelt it wrongly) for afternoon and dinner. didnt even open the doors. though didnt go out, chatted with few of my friends whom i used to call every weekend in the evening. i just watched tv most of the time and watched one very nice movie too.

Saturday gone like that, its sunday. i thought i can atleast proceed according to my plan. atleast go to Egg factory. But switched on my lappy, launched the game NFS Undercover. thats it. the whole day gone. But i finally completed that game, ie the storyline of that game, beat Carmen, collected all the evidences, its good to be Undercover, lots of fun u kno. It was 8pm in the evening. I just thought, why not breathing the outside air for sometime. put the shorts, plugged the ear-phones, played the "slumdog millionaire" songs, started walking slowly in snail pace in the 100ft road. after some 20 mins, i just saw this Viveks Showroom. ok. let me have a look inside. went in and found this guy (i dont know his name) who asked me what i want, as i looked as if i didnt come to buy anything from there. probably he might have thought that i have come there to steal something. ;) "i actually wanted to buy a small fridge. can you please show me what you have?", i replied. even though i wanted to buy one long back, i almost forgot all the models which i researched on that time. but from most of the reviews, i came to know that atleast the customer service is good in LG. So, i asked for the LG product first. And nearby there was one Whirlpool fridge too, with the same specification, but at slightly higher price. Asked that guy for the difference between the two, as i was confused to select which one. He told that going to LG would be a better option, as it comes with nice feature than the other one. "I said ok. i'll get this one". paid for that and returned home with the bill, and they promised me to deliver it today evening after 9pm, as it was comfortable for me to come home at that time. So, just 30 mins back, i got that LG Intellocool 185ltrs refrigerator at home. just switched it on. have to read the Owner's manual, and they have asked to keep it switched on empty for first 6-8hrs. and the count down has already began.

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Dreams On Fire - Slumdog Millionaire

Posted by redthil On 2/15/2009 09:33:00 PM

You Are My Waking Dream, You' re All Thats Real To Me
You Are The Magic In The World I See
You Are In The Prayer I Saying, You Are In My Two My Names
You Are The Faith That Make Me Believe
Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher
Passions Burning, Ride On The Path, Once For Forever Yours
In Me, All Your Heart, Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher

You Are My Ocean Rage, You Are My Thought Each Day
You Are The Laughter From Childhood Games
You Are Things Further Down, You Are Where I Belong
You Are Make Me Feel In Every Songs
Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher, Passions Burning
Ride On The Path, Once For Forever Yours, In Me
All Your Heart, Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher

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Its World Beauties Show @ Bangalore - The Last Day

Posted by redthil On 2/15/2009 06:50:00 PM

Its the final day of "Aero India 2009". The latest news i heard about that show is in the afternoon where a F16's Tyre burst as it landed after a fantastic display in the air. And the traffic near the Yelahanka Air Base was stunning, no space for any vehicle to move. Though various arrangements were made, like parking in 8 different places near the Air Base, as its Sunday, people flocked like anything. Its stand still traffic there. So, here are some of the details which i have about the show. (You can find the PART 1 here)

Indian Air Force jets perform at the opening of Aero India 2009 at Yelahanka air base on Wednesday. The inaugural day was marked by a flypast and breathtaking manouveres from IAF's assorted aircraft - Sukhoi-30MKI, Mirage 2000, Jaguar, MiG-21, supersonic jet trainer Hawk and subsonic trainer Kiran and a slew of helicopters.

IAF's transport behemoths and air-to-air refuelling aircraft had the spectators in awe with their sheer size and functionality mid-air. With at least 50 official delegations, including many led by their defence ministers and air chiefs, the Indian version of the air show has come of an age to turn into a war theatre for the world's major aerospace firms and global consortiums.

Security personnel stand guard as aircraft from different countries are on display at the opening of 'Aero India 2009' at Yelahanka air base on the outskirts of Bangalore. To provide foolproof security and prevent any untoward incident, the venue has been turned into a fortress, with three-tier protective layer, 140 CCTVs, three x-ray machines, radio frequency identification (RFID), 330 defence service corps, 180 air force police personnel as well as platoons of the Central Industrial Security Force and special commando forces.

Aircrafts from different countries are seen parked at the opening of 'Aero India 2009'. A dozen global aerospace firms, including the state-run HAL, as well as US and German air forces have flown in their fighter jets, transport planes, a fleet of helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles for flying and static displays at the event. Among them are the American Lockheed Martin with its strike fighter F-16, Boeing with its F-18 Super Hornet, Russian MiG with MiG-35, European consortium with Eurofighter (Typhoon) and HAL/IAF with Sukhoi, Hawk, Intermediate Jet (IJT) and Dhruv.

Representatives of different aviation companies are seen at the 'Aero India 2009' in Yelahanka air base. Spanning an area of 44,000 square metres as against 30,000 sq m in 2007, the exhibition area has five international pavilions hosting Australia, Belgium, Germany, Israel and Romania, 54 chalets and about 600 stalls to house international and Indian firms and a host of facilities forming the eco-system.

Indian ace shooter and Olympics Gold medallist Abhinav Bindra was on cloud nine Thursday after he flew in US fighter jet F-16IN of global aerospace major Lockheed Martin at Aero India international air show at Yelahanka air base near Bangalore on Thursday. "Most exhilarating experience I had after the Olympics and probably for the rest of my life," a beaming Bindra told reporters after he was flown as a 'co-pilot' by Lockheed test pilot and former US Navy pilot Paul Randall for 45 minutes on board. The Super Viper is touted to be the world's best fighter plane with an unsurpassed performance by veteran air force pilots the world over, the company claimed in a statement. The fourth generation F-16IN is in race for the IAF order floated to induct 126 medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) into its depleting fleet and as a replacement in phases to the ageing Russian-made MiG-21 fighters. The 26-year-old shooter joins the elite list of Indian fliers such as Tata group chairman Ratan Tata, who flew as a co-pilot in F-16 during the 2007 biennial air show here, and former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who flew in Indian Air Force (IAF) combat aircraft Sukhoi-30MKI in Pune in June 2006.

"I salute all those brave men who risk their lives to fly in the air to shoot targets unknown and invisible to them, and all this because they love their country. The F16IN - I believe is a step towards making the lives of these brave men a little easy and make them better equipped miles above in the air," Bindra said after the flight which took him up to Mysore, about 140km from Bangalore. Randall, who piloted the strike fighter, said it was a pleasure to have Bindra as a 'co-pilot' as he picked up everything very quickly. Bindra did not take control of the aircraft.

Courtesy: MSN India News

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Now i can confidently say that, I'm Immune to Sadness or Love!!!

Posted by redthil On 2/14/2009 01:38:00 AM

Rewinding my life for about 3 years. That's the time when, When someone asked me "Do you love Me?". Without any research, without any background verification, without analyzing the likes nd dislikes of each other, without comparing where we're aligned and where we're not, without any hesitation, just kept her in mind, as a part of my life, for a second and it was that moment, The Moment, which i felt, like million butterflies flapping its wings, like million stars sparkling, like million flowers blossoming, like million rain-drops falling in dry land, in my heart. You know what, this what i feel and call it as "Love". And My answer, immediately was, "YES". It was just four days from that moment, during which we discussed lot of things because it wont be smooth ride for both of us to get thru this and I completely TRUSTed Her to the core - believe me when i say its so hard to get someone TRUSTing Her like that, when i told my dearest friend, honestly, it was him who found the difference in me and asked, He was so stubborn and doesn't want me to proceed with this thing. But even then, i TRUSTed Her so much and never wanted to step myself down or never regretted, Until i actually came to know that, my TRUST is not worth at all, its so so so stupid to TRUST such person. It doesn't matter whether its four days or forty years. Its just that TRUST which matters always. Its hard to put in words how that feels like. Damn!!!! And its Life you know. It has to go on. Whatever.

And it does not end with that. Even when you fall into deep water,like a well, it pushes you up for three times towards the surface, it gives you three chances for you to survive. I just thought my first chance is already over. And i'm in surface now. But there is this downward force which tries to pull you down. Though first time, its by accident, second time its completely under your control only. And i was ready to take the risk of the second time, but this time it was me who felt that i love HER (not the same person). But i never told HER, for that matter, not to anyone in this universe. As usual was waiting waiting waiting for the right moment. But only later to find that i waited too much and realized how stupid i'm to let all my chances down, only when i came to know that , SHE found HER good soul-mate. SHE never knew and will never know who HER BEST soul-mate is or could have been. I like HER so much, even when SHE told me that, i couldn't say anything, anything. How stupid i'm. there is no point in feeling so much for that now. And my second chance, gone for toss due to my stupidity. I still dont know, whether SHE's fortunate or I'm fortunate for this. Caz, now i'm back to the surface so strongly that no force, how much strength it may have, can pull me down. And its Life you know. It has to go on. Whatever.

By the way, wondering why suddenly confessing it here!!!!! You remember these words "somehow-sometimes-somethings-somewhere". yes, that feeling sad for nothing. the same one. finally found this is "The Thing". It was just lying in mind somewhere, without being told to anyone. This bug was invisibly creeping in my mind all these times. Finally, i found it, and throwing it down here and dumping nd locking it completely so that it never comes back to my mind again.

So, Whats the takeaway for you from this post?? First, if you think you Love someone, never wait for your turn or never wait for chance or never have second-thoughts to tell the other person that you love him/her so much. Even if you know that it'll surely get rejected, never hold back, just express what you feel,. Express yourself. Secondly, on the other side, if anyone proposes to you, just keep them in your mind for a second, feel how you feel, and if you feel like what i mentioned, then call it as Love. And i agree its risky. i agree something like what happened to me can happen. But, never call something as Love, if you do whatever i have told after "without" in the first para. Its something like arranged Marriage only, where you take time, get info of the other person, analyze everything, blah blah blah... Never ever call that as Love. Its so stupid to call that as Love. Love is there in Heart, which does not want anything like this. It has no connection with Brain, which does the analysis part. Love is purely about how you feel from Heart. Its purely emotional. Its always the Feeling which decides whether you're in Love with a person or not. Only after that, you struggle (in most of the cases, but the trend is changing) to make it practical. When you give importance to both practical and emotional at the same level, you should never ever claim you're in Love. And i strongly think that "True Love" has nothing to do with the number/times. At the same time, you cant say that you have "True Love" with many people, caz, as i said, its always like falling into the deep water.

And this post is not in intent of hurting anyone, or not written with keeping anyone in mind. though tagged as personal, being published here in my blog, you have every right to write comment. But i have only one caution or note or warning or DANGER, to you. Whoever it may be, Never ever ask me to whom those first two para refers to, until and unless you dare to marry me. Lastly, Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"And now i can confidently say that, I'm Immune to Sadness or Love"

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all i have are questions and questions only....

Posted by redthil On 2/13/2009 09:11:00 AM

What will you do when one of your good friend is suddenly trying to avoid you?
you dont know what happened?
you dont know what went wrong?
you dont know whether you did any mistake or not?
you dont remember doing any such mistake?
you dont remember saying anything which hurts?
you're not the person who, not even by mistake, want to hurt someone?
you have never been in this kind of scenario before?
you have never imagined this would happen ever?
you dont get a chance to talk to that person?
you still think think think and dont get any answer for anything?

why?????? this is strange... why is this drastic change? why? why? why?

And thanks to Blogger!!!!! i got the answers!!!!! All i have to say to you is,

Let your Life be filled with Happiness Always!!!

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Slumdog Millionaire

Posted by redthil On 2/12/2009 09:48:00 PM

What a movie it is!!!! Amazing!!! Awesome!!! By now you might hav already watched the movie. so, no story narration or cast nd crew details. Just want to put here, what made me watching this movie continuously four times... yes four times, without having even a drop of water, without leaving my bed, without removing the ear-phones from ears, without launching anyother window in my lappy, without any click - other than replay, without looking into mobile phone.

So, what made me to do like this. First, the reason he tells for being in the Show, then the storyline, so close to reality And backbone to all these things, fantastic music by A.R.Rahman. I'm hearing only those songs these days, daily, atleast for two hours (which is my travel time to nd from office). I cant say which one particular song i like the most in that movie. But the one song, which even my soul hums is that "Lathika Theme" Song. Soul-Blowing it is. So, dont miss it.

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Its World Beauties Show @ Bangalore!!!!

Posted by redthil On 2/12/2009 08:20:00 AM

World Beauties in Bangalore!!!!! take a break... Welcome to Yehanka Air Force Station, treat yourself to some of the world’s beauties … Airplanes. I'm always amused to see these birds on the move. But this time also, i'm so sad that, i wont be there to have a very close look at them, touch them, spend time with them...

Aero India 2009 begins from Wednesday to Sunday. Aero India has already carved a niche for itself globally as a premier aerospace exhibition, with six successful editions organized between 1996 and 2007.The show aims at bringing under one roof, exhibitors from all around the globe to showcase the best in aviation. Aero India includes both flight and static displays of a wide range of civil and military aircrafts from leading manufacturers, vendors and suppliers.

Eyeing India's over $30 billion defence market, 592 global and Indian defence companies will showcase their aircraft and weapon systems at the seventh edition of Aero India starting in Bangalore from Wednesday. Of these exhibitors from 25 countries, 303 are from overseas and 289 from home. The major participant countries include the US, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Russia and Israel. This is the largest foreign and Indian participation at the show.

At the moment, India's long defence shopping list includes big ticket items such as the 126 multi-role combat aircraft, 197 light utility helicopters, various reconnaissance aircraft and choppers and types of artillery systems, radars and sensors for its three services. Additions to the existing list were made after the 26/11 terror strikes with armed forces going in for fast-track acquisition for their urgent needs.

To witness the mega event, Defence Ministers from eight countries including France, Peru, Bolivia, Surinam, Mongolia, Oman and Maldives will be at the show, besides high level delegations from 40 countries. Germany and France with 31, 26 Companies from Britain, Russia with 24, Italy with 20 and Israel with 11 companies would be the major participants at the seventh edition of the show. China would participate in the show for the first time with a 10-member delegation led its Deputy Air Chief. US will be the largest participant at the event in terms of the space occupied at the venue. 22 of its companies will showcase their different civilian and military aircraft as part of flight and static displays. The major attraction of the show would be the flight displays by the four foreign fighter aircraft vying for IAF's 126 multi-role combat aircraft deal. This includes the American F-16 and F/A-18, Russian MiG 35 and the European Eurofighter Typhoon. The other two contenders Gripen and Rafale have not brought their aircraft for the show.

Rivalry of the US contenders to fly Indian VIPs in their fighter jets will continue during this edition also with Lockheed Martin flying Indian Olympic-star Abhinav Bindra in its 'Fighting Falcon' and Boeing planning to fly two aviation personalities in its 'Super Hornet.' In the 6th edition of the show, Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata was flown by both the companies in their aircraft.

Its an wonderful opportunity for the Air-Freaks to have a look at the masterpiece machine, live, with its best possible capabilities showcased. And i always admire those Test-Pilots, who pushes these mind-blowing machines to its atmost limits. I'm gonna miss it this time too.. really bad!!!!! but, will definitely be there for next time. For this time, will keep you updated with the latest happenings at the show...

Courtesy: MSN India News & Aero India 2009

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Conditions!?!?!?!?!?! Wishlist!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by redthil On 2/10/2009 09:00:00 PM

Its the wedding season!!!! and its also the high time for lot of my friends, looking to be part of another persons life, to make that person's life more better, than before. Or accept someone to be their life-partner, to make life more beautiful. And hence i could hear most people, almost all, with a list, a strange list, but a meaningful one, meaningful atleast from their view. In their view, its called as "conditions", but i call it as "wishlist", caz, its difficult to satisfy the conditions, conditions are strict in nature... whereas wishes, are good if they come true, i would not call that as flexible, but certainly not that strict as conditions... So, just thought , for a while, what would be my wishlist, ONLY if its MANDATORY to hav one.... Came up with...

Should be ready to dive into the unknown ocean,
you can trust the costly oxygen mask for saving,
caz i know only how to keep floating...

Should be eager to travel to the North-Pole,
you can trust the high standard GPS kit for guiding,
caz i know only how to go along with life...

Should be prepared to accept the answer,
when you ask "how is this dress for me?",
the answer which you already know...

Should be a very good friend to me,
Even if not before - atleast after,
caz...(check the about me section in My profile)

And Last but certainly not the least,

Should be able to console yourself,
when you cry,
caz i wont be there.

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The Pleasant Dark Lonely Walk - 2

Posted by redthil On 2/10/2009 10:50:00 AM

this was in drafts for quite sometime... thought will post this rite now...

Mmmm... for the newbies to this blog, if you're wondering whats that "2" for, check this.

It was wednesday last week, when i returned home at around 11pm. It was chill night.

somehow - felt i'm not living the way i wanted to live!!!
sometimes - felt i'm worrying, for nothing!!!
somethings - kept me away from being the most happiest!!!
somewhere - in my mind resided that unknown feeling of sadness!!!

so, as soon as i got down from cab, grabbed a cornetto, ofcourse chocolate flavour, and started walking towards a small park , just two street from my house. It was complete silence, little noise of those Big vehicles passing nearby. Apart from that, it was my all time fav songs (from Vaaranam Aayiram, Dil Chahta Hai, Bombay, Uyirae, Mask of Zorro, Happy Days, Paava Mannippu) which made the walk so pleasant. Just made sure that i looked straight only, so that i dont disturb unknown faces in those dark places... After that 30 mins walk in the Dark, felt so much relaxed that, as soon as i reached home, went to bed. very nice sleep, to begin the next day with more energy.

This time me no Crazy Kid... Me Poor Kid only... nd always...

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Posted by redthil On 2/06/2009 07:29:00 PM

Wish You Happy Married Life Sandhya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Come-on Roger!!!! Yes You Can!!!! All the Best!!!

Posted by redthil On 2/01/2009 07:30:00 PM

Let me start with a wish!!!!
a wish from deep within heart!!!!
a wish without expecting any return!!!
a wish wished by almost every tennis fan in this universe!!!
We want you back as how we witnessed ur match with awe!! All the best Roger Federer...!!!

I'm writing this after watching the fantastic Australian Open Final, between "The All Time Great" Roger Federer and the "Young Rocket" Rafael Nadal. Rafael Nadal wins the battle thou. Honestly, if you ask me, Roger was the best in this match. His game was far , i mean FAR, better than Rafael.But Rafael was just 0.1% stronger than Roger, not physically, i'm talking about mentally. Rafael had nothing to loose, so he was playing his usual game, powerful shots, Hard back-hands, fore-hands, running end-2-end to take whatever Roger throws at him. And yes, you just read it, "whatever Roger throws at him".

You can be as great as your opponent Is. so, it was Roger who put Rafael in the cross-line. It was Roger who threw everything at him. If it wasnt Roger, none can make Rafael run end-end, none can make him to try to get the most difficult drop shot which can ever be played. But still, it was Roger always on the upperhand, except those very silly mistakes at the crucial times, those double-faults, too wide shots, etc. It was all going well for him, except the mental weakness (meaning, he was down mentally).

Ok!!! Gone is Gone!!! I hope that he'll come back strongly. i personally, have lot of belief in him. caz if a person can play this well after he was diagnosed by mononucleosis (commonly referred as the "killing disease"), if a person can win almost all grand-slam titles in the tennis world, if a person can be The year-end Number One for four times, if a person can hold these many records with him, it can be none other than , ROGER FEDERER. And if its Roger Federer, He'll definitely come back, with bang.

All The Best Roger!!!

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Live Blogging: Australian Open Finals - Final Set!!!!

Posted by redthil On 2/01/2009 06:50:00 PM

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