Come-on Roger!!!! Yes You Can!!!! All the Best!!!

Posted by redthil On 2/01/2009 07:30:00 PM

Let me start with a wish!!!!
a wish from deep within heart!!!!
a wish without expecting any return!!!
a wish wished by almost every tennis fan in this universe!!!
We want you back as how we witnessed ur match with awe!! All the best Roger Federer...!!!

I'm writing this after watching the fantastic Australian Open Final, between "The All Time Great" Roger Federer and the "Young Rocket" Rafael Nadal. Rafael Nadal wins the battle thou. Honestly, if you ask me, Roger was the best in this match. His game was far , i mean FAR, better than Rafael.But Rafael was just 0.1% stronger than Roger, not physically, i'm talking about mentally. Rafael had nothing to loose, so he was playing his usual game, powerful shots, Hard back-hands, fore-hands, running end-2-end to take whatever Roger throws at him. And yes, you just read it, "whatever Roger throws at him".

You can be as great as your opponent Is. so, it was Roger who put Rafael in the cross-line. It was Roger who threw everything at him. If it wasnt Roger, none can make Rafael run end-end, none can make him to try to get the most difficult drop shot which can ever be played. But still, it was Roger always on the upperhand, except those very silly mistakes at the crucial times, those double-faults, too wide shots, etc. It was all going well for him, except the mental weakness (meaning, he was down mentally).

Ok!!! Gone is Gone!!! I hope that he'll come back strongly. i personally, have lot of belief in him. caz if a person can play this well after he was diagnosed by mononucleosis (commonly referred as the "killing disease"), if a person can win almost all grand-slam titles in the tennis world, if a person can be The year-end Number One for four times, if a person can hold these many records with him, it can be none other than , ROGER FEDERER. And if its Roger Federer, He'll definitely come back, with bang.

All The Best Roger!!!


  1. Vijesh Said,

    Buddy You got to be Kidding..

    Fed far better than Rafa? - Absolutely not. Both played their best shots. Some where Fed comes to the net and Rafa swings it away and IN for a point.

    Nadal has nothing to lose - He should be the tensed guy after Fed convincing win in semis and wanting to defend his last 1:1 with Fed. Fed had the upper hand, since it was Nadal's first hard court grand slam final.

    If it wasnt Roger, none can make Rafael run end-end - Did you miss Nadal's semis. He ran more than a marathon there too.

    Yup, Fed needs some rest. All the best to him for the future. Still my money is on Nadal. :)

    Posted on Tuesday, February 03, 2009 1:55:00 AM

  2. redthil Said,

    Mmmmmm .. Not always buddy!!!!!

    i agree both played their best shots.. but still, when was the last time you saw Nadal losing two sets in a single match as 3-6.?????? nd i'll still stick to the point that Nadal was .1% stronger, mentally, and thats very crucial too. and also the number of points won by Federer is 174, to Nadal's 173... its how close they were...

    and when it comes to tension, between these two, always Federer wins. imagine the kind of pressure he will be when he's fighting for equaling sampras's record, 6-12 down with nadal, Aus open championship, aim to regain 1st position, etc etc..

    About Nadal's semi's!!!! tho i missed it live, i watched every second in replay... Yes! he ran miles. but how many ppl has done that. everytime these two giants meet, its Always marathon only.

    I agree on this too.. he surely needs rest, again mentally. nd Still my hope is more on Federer!!!

    one thing is for sure, whenever these two meet, its always nail-biting match only.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 03, 2009 11:12:00 PM

  3. Vijesh Said,

    Well for the 3-6 I thought Nadal played intelligently by saving his energy for the rest of the play. He saw Fed taking the lead. So din give a fight.

    Posted on Wednesday, February 04, 2009 12:26:00 AM

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