Conditions!?!?!?!?!?! Wishlist!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by redthil On 2/10/2009 09:00:00 PM

Its the wedding season!!!! and its also the high time for lot of my friends, looking to be part of another persons life, to make that person's life more better, than before. Or accept someone to be their life-partner, to make life more beautiful. And hence i could hear most people, almost all, with a list, a strange list, but a meaningful one, meaningful atleast from their view. In their view, its called as "conditions", but i call it as "wishlist", caz, its difficult to satisfy the conditions, conditions are strict in nature... whereas wishes, are good if they come true, i would not call that as flexible, but certainly not that strict as conditions... So, just thought , for a while, what would be my wishlist, ONLY if its MANDATORY to hav one.... Came up with...

Should be ready to dive into the unknown ocean,
you can trust the costly oxygen mask for saving,
caz i know only how to keep floating...

Should be eager to travel to the North-Pole,
you can trust the high standard GPS kit for guiding,
caz i know only how to go along with life...

Should be prepared to accept the answer,
when you ask "how is this dress for me?",
the answer which you already know...

Should be a very good friend to me,
Even if not before - atleast after,
caz...(check the about me section in My profile)

And Last but certainly not the least,

Should be able to console yourself,
when you cry,
caz i wont be there.

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