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Posted by redthil On 2/27/2009 11:43:00 PM

Its mandatory to read the starting point before proceeding on this Road to Happiness.

So, now you have two list. A positives one and negatives one. You dont have to consider the positive ones, caz all those positives gives you positive energy, which is none other than, being happy. let me call that as "HL" (Happy List). But the negative ones, are really really negative, in reducing the way and the amount of happiness. do you remember, more the list, better you know about yourself... yes... its the time for checking how positive is that negative.

take the second list, analyze on each entry in that list, whether not-liking that - is really worth, whether not-liking that - is really meaningful, whether not-linking that - is mandatory. just strike those points, which does not meet the above said three whethers'. after going thru the list completely, check whats remaining. if needed, revisit the remaining items again. whatever remains now, are the ones, which you dont like at all, and it makes sense in not-liking it. and i'm sure that, the number of items which remains now, will be less than the number of fingers in your right hand.

Now its time to redefine ourselves, with those which are striked out. you can very well stop feeling unhappy because of those. The rest of the items in the list, are the real one to be taken care. i'll call that as "uHL" (UnHappy List). how much does each item in that uHL impacts our happiness, depends on, how close that person is to you. If you find any item in uHL, in the person whom you rarely see, or whom you dont have to bother at all, then the impact is very very low. But, if you find it in the person ,whom love the most or the person whom you spend most of time or the person whom u hav to move along often, then the impact will be more and it'll be more often. Its tough to handle such a kind of scenarios, when your priority is being Happy.

Near or far, close or distant, often or rarely, all those are some form of Relationship only. So, all we have to learn is, how to handle Relationships.....

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