this is how i got a new fridge...

Posted by redthil On 2/16/2009 09:31:00 PM

Last Friday, i was in cab, started from office at around 12 in the midnight (i.e. saturday 12 am), planning for what all i have to do in the weekend. Had two main things in the list. First, going to the Cocoa Show - a chocolate exhibition at palace grounds. Second being, going to Egg Factory - a restaurant in St. Marks Road, where its Egg and Egg only, all variety of dishes made with egg. So, which one to go when was the confusion. Previously had thoughts of going to the Aero India 2009, but i dropped it because of two reason, one - no good camera with me to capture those birds in actions, two - no vehicle as i cant go there in public transport tho there was arrangement for that. Its Valentines Day on Saturday, so thought going to the chocolate exhibition would be appropriate. then thought that i can go to the Egg factory on sunday and went to bed little late, ie around morning that day. Woke up to receive call from my mom at around 8am, asking me to prepare something for breakfast for me and my brother. then came warning from my mom, not to go out that day anywhere. You know that i'm good kid, isn't it. Yes it is. so, was just spending time at home only. prepared puliyodhara (forgive me if i spelt it wrongly) for afternoon and dinner. didnt even open the doors. though didnt go out, chatted with few of my friends whom i used to call every weekend in the evening. i just watched tv most of the time and watched one very nice movie too.

Saturday gone like that, its sunday. i thought i can atleast proceed according to my plan. atleast go to Egg factory. But switched on my lappy, launched the game NFS Undercover. thats it. the whole day gone. But i finally completed that game, ie the storyline of that game, beat Carmen, collected all the evidences, its good to be Undercover, lots of fun u kno. It was 8pm in the evening. I just thought, why not breathing the outside air for sometime. put the shorts, plugged the ear-phones, played the "slumdog millionaire" songs, started walking slowly in snail pace in the 100ft road. after some 20 mins, i just saw this Viveks Showroom. ok. let me have a look inside. went in and found this guy (i dont know his name) who asked me what i want, as i looked as if i didnt come to buy anything from there. probably he might have thought that i have come there to steal something. ;) "i actually wanted to buy a small fridge. can you please show me what you have?", i replied. even though i wanted to buy one long back, i almost forgot all the models which i researched on that time. but from most of the reviews, i came to know that atleast the customer service is good in LG. So, i asked for the LG product first. And nearby there was one Whirlpool fridge too, with the same specification, but at slightly higher price. Asked that guy for the difference between the two, as i was confused to select which one. He told that going to LG would be a better option, as it comes with nice feature than the other one. "I said ok. i'll get this one". paid for that and returned home with the bill, and they promised me to deliver it today evening after 9pm, as it was comfortable for me to come home at that time. So, just 30 mins back, i got that LG Intellocool 185ltrs refrigerator at home. just switched it on. have to read the Owner's manual, and they have asked to keep it switched on empty for first 6-8hrs. and the count down has already began.


  1. Anonymous Said,

    So when will you finally make it to The Egg Factory :-)

    Posted on Tuesday, February 17, 2009 4:58:00 PM

  2. redthil Said,

    hopefully this weekend....

    wanna join me???? u're always welcome...

    Posted on Tuesday, February 17, 2009 9:43:00 PM

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