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Posted by redthil On 3/06/2009 11:51:00 PM

If you're a techie, first thing that comes to mind is, coding/programming/call-it-whatever-you-want. But i'm not such an expert to talk about Garbage Collection in techie way. This is about the most talked issue, which affects our unique planet (atleast till a copy is found). Nothing other than Global Warming. Polluting our beautiful atmosphere. But the Garbage which i refer here is, CO2. Now you got it.

Why to pollute air and then purify it? why not prevention, better than cure always? Yes it is. But how far thats possible in our present lifestyle. Yeh, there are ways, use Fossil Fuels, use Hybrid Vehicles, etc etc. But as per the current scenario, its very tough to even be ready for such a drastic change. So, as of now, we dont have much options than looking for options for curing.

Here lets see some ways of Collecting the Garbage, which will make our life miserable, in very near future. Every damn vehicle or industry or home-appliances and most importantly billions and billions of people, add more & more amount of CO2 to the atmosphere. so, as the population increases, pollution of atmosphere with CO2 also increases. The first can't be stopped, so have to deal with the second only.

How to deal with collecting CO2? But first, What does collecting CO2 mean? The answer is simple, Just exract/remove CO2 from Air, dump it somewhere. Its easily said than done. we need to find a feasible, cost-effective & efficient way to extract. Its not at all a new Idea. Probably i'm some millionth person to think on way of extracting CO2 and stop accumulation of CO2 in air. Few of such experiments from Global Research Technologies, even using Rocks and lot more (you have the whole world wide web infront you)

What to do with the extracted/collected CO2? where to dump it? You remember "Pancha Bootham" (Five Primary Elements). Ofcourse you cannot consider Air, and we cant burn this thing down, which again has to be extracted. Left with three elements, which are potential options. Whatever the method of collection, it will end up in blocks & blocks of boxes of CO2. Bury those blocks in a Deep Hole underground, dump the blocks deep under the oceans (ocean beds) or rocket it out of our reach. Whatever it may be, we need to make sure that, we don't come across those garbage's again, at any point of existence of mankind. And again, this is not a new topic at all. I might be some thousandth person to think about it. And there are lot of successful experiments like torpedo'ing CO2 wastes deep under the oceans, has already been conducted and lot more planned to be executed.

So, if all topics are already under research, wondering whats that i'm trying convey in this post? Nothing but aiming to create Awareness, atleast among those very few who visits here. Whatever curing methods we discuss, we can still make pretty big difference in practising the ways of preventing that. We just have to think and execute it. Hopefully, we'll provide a better environment for our successors.


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