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Posted by redthil On 3/09/2009 10:54:00 PM

Heroes!!!!! how do you define this word? as soon as we hear that word, we always tend to think of the Reel Life Heroes on Screen. Even the definition of those imaginative persons got changed over years. Once upon a time, among a group of 10 guys, the one guy who doesnt drink is called as Hero, now, the one who drinks more is said to be Hero!!! by no way i'm in offense of any habit, each have their own choice and desire. just wanted to highlight the fact that, definitions change as time changes.

And when time changes, its called as History. And i always believe that "History is written by Winners Only". So, its always the winning side, are considered to be the Heroes. Whereas those on the other side, are portrayed in otherways. And here are the two persons, whom History has defined as "Anti-Heroes", but whom i like most and consider them as a real Heroes. Those Names are, strangely, Adolf Hitler and Subash Chandra Bose.

I've seen/heard/learnt about these two in lot of programs in television channels. All those programs portrays them as the counter-part for the goodness. I'm no way saying or arguing that what they did is right. All i wonder about them, and to justify that they are worth giving that title, are their courage, thinking different and doing what others have thought as never can be done. You know what, there was about 42 recorded attempts to assasinate Hitler, all through his life. And i heard that there was treaty signed when India got Independence that, India will handover Subash if found alive. The above two statements are more than just enough to prove that, they deserve it. And both were very very good in giving out speeches and has the power to inspire people who hears their words. And i always look at them with awe and wonder.

Disclaimer: The opinions/views expressed are purely my own and was not to offend anyone.


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