LG Electronics builds global single instance on Oracle EBS R12

Posted by redthil On 4/09/2009 09:22:00 AM

LG is building an Global Single Instance (GSI) covering the entire LG enterprise. And Its building that with the #1 Business Software Company Oracle's EBusiness Suite Release 12. Great news to hear. This project has been ongoing since 2005, with one of Oracle's close partners "LG CNS". First successful roll-out on few branches happened Jan 2008, and the project is expected to complete across all LG's branches by the end of 2010.

Before GSI:

LG is a Giant in Consumer Electronics. It has branches across the globe. It was running on 90 distinct applications. The problem, rather, the difficulty when running with so many different solutions, for single enterprise, is the inconsistency across those different solutions. Its rather a pain-taking work on consolidation of all those data, in various forms, stored in various locations. and also maintaining those data becomes a huge headache.

What does GSI offer:

> Quick Response to the global changes, and adapting to it.
> Less operating cost - by having single place for managing all the data
> More options for utilizing the Business Intelligence
> And Lot More.....

Technology Behind:

As mentioned, its being implemented with Oracle's EBusiness Suite Release 12 Software. Fusion middleware SOA suite, Weblogic were also being used in this process. This has Advanced DB options for managing, maintaining the huge data. And to avoid the Single-point-failure problem and other problems that arise due to the single DB , this is being implemented in 4 nodes of Real Application Cluster (RAC) Technology.

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