this is why i like pastries than sweets...

Posted by redthil On 5/26/2009 07:52:00 PM

Today decided to get a sweet for one of my friend (i was supposed to get it yesterday). so entered A2B at BTM, open minded, as usual. as soon as i saw the stock of varieties of sweets presented sooo nicely, which attracts you to get whichever you're looking at (just wondering, thats y they call girls as 'sweet'??) . its like a huge puzzle thrown at you. for 10 mins i was just glancing at all the sweets. same flavour (or base ingredient), but different kind of sweet , like khaju halwa, khaju soan papdi, etc, And same kind of sweet, but different flavour (or base ingredient), like khaju halwa, fruit halwa, carrot halwa, etc,etc.. (man! how do they get ideas for this much different varieties).realized that i havent decided on anything, only when the guy at the shop asked me which one i want. i was like, no more timepass (macha, not timepass, its timepass only), pointing at one of the sweet, told that guy to get 250gms of that. got it packed in less than a minute, and walked out.

Now i was trying to recollect the names of those sweets which i saw. all i can do is, just imagine that the name of the 5th sweet in the second row may be "white soan papdi"!!!! this is why i like pastries than sweets (will try to call them as 'pastry' from now) .. though there are as many varieties as sweets, i can point each one correctly. And if its from Sweet Chariot, even the price. ;) just want to remind you that, i'm in diet.

hey!!! did i forget to tell you that i had two rasamalai (my alltime fav in A2B) before walking out?????? ;)


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