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This is the latest buzz word. Forward mails storm my mailbox related to this one these days a lot..... so whats this ZoozoO??? its cute white funny creatures 'who' feature in the Vodafone ZoozoO ad commercials. Every once in a while, along come TV characters which have a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of the people. ZoozoOs are one such creation by the talented team at O & M for the visionary brand in cellular communication Vodafone. The commercial breaks with the Vodafone ZoozoOs are sure to make you smile. checkout these ad videos here.

that was more generic part of it. About my thoughts on this... i would say, the wind is blowing in the opposite direction now. not getting anything out of it right.. let me explain in very short (as one of my friend found it boring to read looong posts). As per the forwards which i get, these are real people who enacted exactly how it would have been if we had created those creatures through animation. Once (not long back tho), it was Animators who were challenged to get their animation creations look like real or look lively or atleast not-to-look-like-animated-ones. And being an Admirer of Animation and once want-to-be an Animator (not all things happens as you wish u kno..), its little hard to say that these animations are not a product of those Animators. But, one thing which makes me feel good is that, its huge success story for the Animation industry, as-in, how animated creations are welcome in the world.

But, me too fan of this ZoozooO. My fav is ZoozoO Ad for Fashion Tips...

And interestingly, found another meaning of the word "Animator" - "someone who imparts energy and vitality and spirit to other people" :)

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