The Expected "Unexpected Weekend"

Posted by redthil On 6/01/2009 05:50:00 AM

"Absolutely Awesome" - are the words which i would use to describe last weekend. Lot of unexpected things happening around. Deciding to go to Wonderla again (for the fifth time in 3ree years) on the evening of friday was the start for all of those (thanks to all those who were part of it). Then followed by the MAJJA RUN - Sunfeast 10K Bangalore Marathon.. Was very nice to see lot n lots of ppl, if not running for the timings, all running for cause(s). Followed by Beautiful Brunch in one of the oldest restaurant in bangalore "Airlines Hotel". Coming back to home, completely glued to the TV. First, Italian GP - what an evenful race it is, total re-shuffling in the order after the last pits-stop, finally (my fav) Stoner with Stunning victory to come back to the Top in the Table. Then its over to RG. I just switched to it, when Nadal was about to loose his first set 2wo-6ix, then couldnt change the channel at all, Crowd cheering Soderling (even when the world No. 1ne was in the court), and he proved to them, by creating history, which Federer failed to do in last four year RG history. When Nadal was in final set, i saw the scores of other match where Ana was playing, Ana lost her first set 2wo-6ix and was down in second set 2wo-5ive. oops... just needed another 2wo games for Azarenka to beat Ana. So both the Defending Champs out of RG now. And remember, Djokovic is also out. All left in the top of the table is Federer. Hurray....

For past many months, i always had plans for weekend fixed days before, even iif i'm goin to be in bang and taking full rest, i would know in early that i'm goin to do so. Last weekend was not so. This was the kind of "Unexpected Weekend" which i was expecting for looong time, for me to get refreshed. Full fun, unexpected turn of events, and relax too. i was awaiting for such one , and finally got it. i cant expect more than this. rather i wont expect more than this.


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