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Posted by redthil On 6/05/2009 07:22:00 AM

Its feels little strange to have a post with the title "mandir" in my blog. but still, it does not feel any odd to write about it. Yesterday i went to this temple, near the old HAL airport. Actually i was accompanying my friend, who wanted to go to this temple (its very rare for me to accompany someone to 'Temple', unless u're like a celebrity to me. Most of my friends will know, how hard it is to make me accompany them to go to Temple, and eventually they can't). I usually go for little walk in the same road, and never knew where exactly this one is located (honestly, never bothered to know). so, took an auto from domlur fly-over and the auto driver stopped the auto, showing the entrance, in less than five minutes from the start. i said, "I have crossed this place for atleast 30rty times, but never knew that such a temple exists here", as we cant see the Big statue from outside. Entered through the small cave like entrance, and finally could have a glimpse of that huge statue.

Entered the temple, after getting a "Mobile Camera Ticket", caz i'm completely enthusiastic in taking pictures than.... And this is the first time i saw a place where there is a separate ticket for Mobile Camera. Its good that we got it, caz one security guy in the temple premise asked me for the ticket when i was taking pics. Adding to that place, the climate was really awesome. It was dark clouds, lite drizzles. Perfect setup to make you feel like you're in Amarnath, tho you're in Bangalore only. My friend, as usual, got those pooja stuffs and i dont have to tell you, completely into spiritual mode (not me ). But in that 30rty minutes we spent there, around 20nty minutes went for just taking pictures ( i will take back the word 'spiritual mode', just for this ;) )

Overall , It was very nice place to be. And i feel like, you need to go when there is not much crowd, to enjoy the place more, both visually and spiritually. But dont miss this place, when you're in bangalore.

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  1. Chandru Said,

    The pic is good! BTW, the credit goes to me. Without me forcing you, you wouldn't have discovered this big statue by urself.

    Dei! am not a celebrity to u, am your friend, in fact best. I don't know when you will ask who I am! ;-)

    Than to get into spiritual mood, I wanted to spend a pleasant evening with you. I always feel temple is a very good option for a pleasant, drizzling evening!

    Other options I could think of are,when drizzling or raining,
    1) a long walk in 100 feet road, either chating or listening to music
    2) a little walk listening to music or chating session or dancing session with all our friends in the park in your colony
    2) a cup of tea in that small eating outlet near that photo shop
    3) a cup of tea in Coffee Day, 100 feet road
    4) Bajji + tea at home, of course prepared by me

    We should try all these things during my next visits to Bang!!

    Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 7:27:00 PM

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