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Posted by redthil On 6/03/2009 07:19:00 PM

however you spell it, it always sounds the same. and its all about the sound and sound only. its those sounds, when its pleasing to your sensors, it turns out to be music. to know how pleasant it is, you need to hear it, experience it. it really does more magic, than just pleasing you and just helping you to pass-on your high valued time. it takes your breath away from you. one big advantage of this is, it acts as a virtual companion to you. that too, especially, when you're affected by the most dangerous disease in the world, The Loneliness.

It makes you feel great, when you hear your favorite music, always. i literally forget that, it was me who selected what songs i need to have in my mobile playlist, just enjoy each and every song. And these days, i have become kind of addict to hear music (if you followed my blog, you know it already). and that too when i listen to my most favorite songs, i'm not realizing what i'm doing and where i'm. its makes me feel like i'm in a different world, my own dream world. its not just beautiful, its way more than that. its hard to describe.

Music is one consistent entity, in the way that, when you're sad, it makes you feel happy and when you're happy, it makes you more happy. when you finally stop that music, you feel refreshed, and re-born from that moment. And at times, it also helps you in improving your concentration on what you're doing, filtering-out all the external disturbances. i would suggest you to listen to music, when you're very much frustrated, more angry, feel even little sad. It gives you lot of positive energy. And will end this small crappy post, ,thanking all those musicians who comes out with those awesome music and those lyric writers for those amazing words.


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