Who comes 2nd?

Posted by redthil On 6/17/2009 09:30:00 AM

This is not related to any race or competition or exam. This is all about, who comes to office 2nd in the morning. wondering why not 1st? caz, its always 'Attan', who comes first (kudos Attan). none can beat him in that. So, remaining left is all about who comes 2nd. the possibilities are very few and one among, bhanu or deepa or mathew or me (i'm not including occasional early comers). we're regular. And still, there is no competition, or nothing of that sort, just glance at those who're already there, says it all. And this thing continues, everyday (i mean office-day), all through the year. And it feels really good, to start the day, with smiles in all our face.

Have fun guys, always.

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