Oasis Mall

Posted by redthil On 7/07/2009 11:01:00 PM

If you have asked me, "Which is my fav shopping complex/mall in bangalore?", it would have been Forum or Garuda Mall, before this Oasis Mall opened (an year back i think). From then, the answer from me always is, Oasis Mall. Where is this? This is located near the Sony World Signal in Koramangala, right on the way which i travel daily to work. What all is there? Ground floor - its totally dedicated for Women, from beautful dresses to all new top brand Perfumes and specs, you get everything there for Women. First Floor - for kids and Men's wear. Second Floor - Furniture and other household items. All these three levels belong to LifeStyle. Also there is Max showroom in the ground floor, in the MLCP (Multi-Level Car Parking) Buiilding (behind the main building). Third Floor - Completely for SPAR (i dont have to tell what all you get in SPAR). Fourth Floor - Polynation : The food court which is open till 11:30pm and gaming zone for kids.

What do i like most here? well, i will try to answer this with, what i do there. As soon as i enter the ground floor, the mind-blowing perfume scents welcome me and also ensures that i'm visiting again, atleast for those scents. And this scent spreads through all the LifeStyle floors. So, i spend atleast half-an-hour, grazing thru all the new dresses and other stuffs. my fav place there is, the kids section (no wonder :) ). Once LifeStyle is covered, next is scaling every corner of SPAR. And in SPAR, i like two places the most, one, as usual, the Kids Section and the other, Non-Veg Section. You can see the Fish, Mutton, chicked, Pork, etc etc, all in Bulk amounts, spread across a huge area, all in one place. And there is a separate token system for this NV section (i have not visited other SPAR outlets tho).

(Green Apple Jam Filled Donut, Blue Berry Jam Filled Donut and
"Angel's Freezing Kiss" Drink)

Then comes the very important place in Oasis, Polynation. My fav stalls over there are, "The Donut Maker" and "Cream & Fudge Factory". As soon as i go to the fourth floor, always the first thing i'll get is, Green Apple Jam Filled Donut (little hot), followed by any other donut variety, and the drink "Angel's Freezing Kiss" ( in the first time, i went for that drink, just because of the name, Angel-Freezing-Kiss. from then on, it has become my most fav drink. i guarantee that, you wont go for the Third Sip of that drink). If possible, will end with "Chocolate Lovers" ice-cream from Cream & Fudge Factory. Otherwise, get the drink downstairs, will spend sometime in the small grass lawn, near the entrance in the ground floor. At night, it's really awesome to sit in the lawn, just relaxing to the core. Simply, you can enjoy the calm, relaxing, peaceful time there, which you wont get in any other big malls in bangalore. This is always my destination, when (sometimes) i feel like i'm missing someone (anyone) or feel lonely, also when i wanted a break (from anything).


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