Iniya Thirumana Vaazhthukkal Devi

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learn to be backward/forward compatible...

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You might have heard about 'backward compatibility' in programming. for those who wonder what jargon am i talking about, let me give you a quick explanation. "In programming languages, backwards compatibility refers to the ability of a compiler for version N of the language to accept programs or data that worked under version N-1" (thanks to wikipedia). To explain it in English, its just a newer system, still be able to understand and communicate fluently with the previous old system. let me not confuse u more (hope u got what is backward compatible).

Lets now take a different route. lets talk about human interactions. when it comes to human, i dont like to measure the compatibility comparing with his/her own previous stage/version. Its measured between two persons, over time period or entire life. well, how do we define 'version's? i define it based on the person's experience, like, a person gets to a higher version, if he/she gets a sudden change, from which you see the same world little differently, which means gaining new experience. And the frequency of this version change is indirectly proportional to the age, whereas the version number is directly proportional to the age. By "between two persons", i'm not refering to just life-partners only, or to-be life partners only. This two persons can be related with any relationship, like dad/mom-son/daughter, lovers, life-partners, grandpa/grandma-grandson/granddaughter, or any distant relationships like relatives or beyond any relationship like friends. Also it does not depend on the gender of the two persons.

When two persons of same version has conversation, it always goes smoothly. The problem arises when there is difference in the version between the two person, or some version change happened just to one person among the two. The output of the conversation depends on how the communication between the two different version person flows. The lower version person (being in the modern world) may have advanced thinking and desires based on the present scenario. but still, the higher version person may reject your message, because its not sent in the proper way which the higher version person can accept it . So, instead of valuing your message, the higher version person simply considers the message from lower version person as invalid (which in lower-version standards, is very valid message). And the similar event happens when the higher version sends message to the lower version person, which is again rejected by the lower version person, considering the message as invalid. So, it always proves that, its always a problem when there is conversation between two different version persons.

So, Whats to solution to this problem? This has to be looked from two different views. First, from the lower version person: you haven't got/gained enough experience, hence you're in lower version. so, try to have "forward compatibility", by re-coding yourself in such a way to get the messages from higher version, decode it properly, and accept it if valid, otherwise, reply to that message in a way, which that higher version person can understand properly. Secondly, from higher version person: you might have got more experience, but some of which may be outdated. so, try to be "backward compatible", so that u can receive the message from lower version person, decode it properly, accept it if valid, otherwise, reply to that message in a way that lower version can understand properly.

When you consider yourself, you have persons with lower version, as well as persons with higher versions. Hence, to have smooth conversations/relationship, always learn to be both backward and forward compatible.

(I know. into too much of programming suddenly, may result in such kind of posts having stupid way of explaining things. cant help. please bear with me for some more time huh.. ;) )

Fav Song: Nila nee Vanam - Pokkisham

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This is one of my very fav song in recent times... want to see this movie as soon as it's released in bangalore. Awesome lyrics it is... For the Tamil Version of it, check it out here in my Tamil Blog.

Lyrics : Yugabarathy

Music Director : Sabesh Murali

Voices : Vijay Yesudas, Chinmayi


Nila nee Vaanam Kaatru mazhai
en kavidhai moochu isai
thuli thena malara thisai oli pagal

Nila nee Vaanam Kaatru mazhai
en kavidhai moochu isai
thuli thena malara dhisai oli pagal

devadhai annam pattam poochi
konjum tamizh kuzhandai
sinungal sirippu mutham
mounam kanavu yekkam
megam minnal oviyam
chellam priyam imsai

idhil yaavume needhan eninum
uyir endre unai solvene
naan unnidam uyir nee ennidam
naam enbadhey inimel mei sugam

Nila nee Vaanam Kaatru mazhai
en kavidhai moochu isai
thuli thena malara dhisai oli pagal


anbulla manna anbulla kanavaa
anbulla kalvane anbulla kannalaney
anballa oliye anbulla thamizhey
anbulla seyyule anbulla ilakkanamey
anbulla thirukurale anbulla natrinaye
anbulla badava anbulla thiruda
anbulla rasiga anbulla kirukka

anbulla thimire anbulla thavare
anbulla uyire anbulla anbe
idhil yaavume ingu needhan endral
enna dhan solla sol neeye
per anbile ondru naan serndhida
veen vaarthaigal ini yen thedida


Nila nee Vaanam Kaatru mazhai
en kavidhai moochu isai
thuli thena malara dhisai oli pagal


anbulla manna anbulla kanavaa
anbulla kalvane anbulla kannalaney

Jump from Jungle Trek To Spiritual Walk

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I wanted to spend this weekend in somewhat different way. So, last week, i registered for Jungle Camp and Trek with one of the Event organizers called Unexplored Expeditions. And the interesting thing is, i will come to know the remaining persons only when i meet them at the camp site. Adding to that, Undisclosed Place made this one more interesting and look forward for. So, all thru the week, i was preparing for this both mentally and physically. Everything was absolutely fine, until i received an sms from the organizer Karan, at 8.30pm, Friday (we were supposed to start at 3pm saturday) that the camp is cancelled "due to officials facing some technical issues in the forest". Mostly with the Electronic fencing i suppose. Since got metally prepared to go somewhere out this weekend, this was kind of disappointment for me. Just replied to him "ok" with one sad smiley. Next question was, what to do this weekend now?

Just at that time, my friend's plan of going to Thivannaamalai flashed in my mind. Called my friend thilak immediately and confirmed my participation. Thilak and three of other friends Arjun, Anbu and Vijay, started that same night, so that they can sleep for a while in a hotel there, take ample amount of rest before starting for the walk. I joined other 4 guys, Shankar, Shiva, Venkata and Srikanth, and started yesterday (saturday) morning at around 8.30am from bangalore. It was quite a nice journey of 6hours, except the two movies 'Ayya' and 'Maayi' and also Shankar, the expert in this Giri Valam, getting high temperature. Hence, as soon as we reached Thiruvannaamalai, Shankar headed back to Banglore immediately (The fear of H1N1 has affected people much more than what i have thought. come-on guys, its just another Flu, except that, if you have any other diseases already, then you need to fear. Otherwise, its absolutely nothing to be worried. come out of the myth)

We all had lunch and took little rest for few minutes, and we started. Most of us decided to walk on bare-foot, except Vijay and Shiva deciding otherwise. We started marching towards the Temple. Having the expert returned to bangalore, we just moved towards the Gopuram (Entrace Tower at the temple), without knowing the way. We reached the temple, and thus my photo session started, not having belief in God, whatelse i have interesting there, except taking pics of those awesome structures. just enquired the security gaurd at the entrance, whether i can take pics inside (caz most temples dont allow that), and got a very positive reply of 'Yes'. Was really happy to hear that, and started clicking. We started visiting every shrine in that temple(the main God is Lord Shiva and Parvathy).

You can read the full story of our visit there with pics @ Will try to pen down only stuffs other than those in that album.
As we entered the main shrine, where photography is not allowed, my main responsibility is to group all those ppl together. caz there are many God's in that Tier Three, main shrine, each one went to or spent different times with each god. So, had to keep track of who went where and assemble them once they are done. after around two hours of spending time there, at around 6, we finally came out of the temple and as refreshment, all had cane juice.

Next is GiriValam (Giri-Mountain, Valam-Going around), The Spiritual Walk. This walk is for 14km and also without wearing any footwear, ie with bare-foot. This act of walking with bare foot around the mountain has been performed for ages, and considered to be very holy. (for me it was just another adventure of walking in night for 14km with bare foot ;) and spending time with friends). We started from the temple for this girivalam at around 6.30pm, enquiring abt the way (since few distance we need to cover inside the town, which is for sure confusing). Once we reached the main way, we were very clear. its the main road, connecting this town with other places. hence the road was lit with the vehicles light most of the time. We could also see few of foriegners doing this. We stopped for our first break at arund 4.5km. Vijay and Shiva were person leading us from front, caz they were wearing slippers. And the rest of us scattered into group of two/three. so, everytime we stop, we wait for the rest of the people to join and then leave. On the way, there are many temples, each having specific type of 'Lingam", like Vaayu Lingam, Gubera Lingam, etc. there is one temple where there are 9 such Lingams, and hence that temple is called as "Nava Lingam".

Just around 3km to end this walk, there is this temple called "Idukka Pillayar Kovil" (Idukka - Less Space). The reason to mention this specifically is, this temple has only one big stone, having little opening across. The belief is that, if they could pass through that hole and come out the other end, then all the diseases they have for this 'Jenmam' (Life) will get cured. And our guys, recently having H1N1-mania, went thru that twice.. ;)

We finally ended our Holy Spiritual walk at around 9pm, had dinner in a hotel nearby to that temple itself, caz everyone felt so HARD and painful to walk more, and took auto to the Lodge. Had rest for some time, freshened up, started from there at around 11.30pm (saturday) and reached bangalore by 5am(sunday).

Thanks to each and everyone (we missed u dragon).This was really an awesome trip for me. First and foremost, spent lot of time with friends, then , enjoyed clicking, went to new place, wondered the architecture, most importantly, went for a walk of 14km bare-foot. Its was little tiresome caz of the fulltime journey in Govt. Bus and little hard on the legs caz of walking bare-foot. On the Whole, a very new and different experience, enjoyed a lot.


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Few links which was really interesting to me, which i came across today...

Your answers to 10 tricky children's questions!

This week the Magazine posed 10 awkward questions children ask their parents. Here are suggestions, from readers and experts, on how to answer these stumpers. I really like the Scientific Answers explained few of the most tricky questions like "Whats Time?"

Read the complete article @


Me a small fan of this Doodles by Google...

Read the full story on the above doodle @

Flower Meanings

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I was just going through on what each colour Rose means. I got the following details about it, but found that almost all flowers has meanings and can be used for the appropriate function or moment or occasion.


Long a symbol of love and passion, the ancient Greeks and Romans associated roses with Aphrodite and Venus, goddesses of love. Used for hundreds of years to convey messages without words, they also represent confidentiality. In fact, the Latin expression "sub rosa"(literally, "under the rose") means something told in secret, and in ancient Rome, a wild rose was placed on the door to a room where confidential matters were being discussed. The number of stems in a rose bouquet can also express specific sentiments.

Each color offers a distinct meaning:
red, the lover’s rose, signifies enduring passion;
white, humility and innocence;
yellow, expressing friendship and joy;
pink, gratitude, appreciation and admiration;
orange, enthusiasm and desire;
white lilac and purple roses represent enchantment and love at first sight.

The complete flowers meaning list is.....

Alstroemeria - aspiring
Amaryllis - dramatic
Anemone - fragile
Apple Blossom - promis
Aster - contentment
Azalea - abundance
Baby's Breath - festivity
Bachelor Button - anticipation
Begonia - deep thoughts
Black-Eyed Susan - encouragement
Camellia - graciousness
Carnation :
pink - gratitude
red - flashy
striped - refusal
white - remembrance
yellow - cheerful
Chrysanthemum :
bronze - excitement
white - truth
red - sharing
yellow - secret admirer
Cosmos - peaceful
Crocus - foresight
Daffodil - chivalry
Delphinium - boldness
Daisy - innocence
Freesia - spirited
Forget-Me-Not - remember me forever
Gardenia - joy
Geranium - comfort
Ginger - proud
Gladiolus - strength of character
Heather - solitude
Hibiscus - delicate beauty
Holly - domestic happiness
Hyacinth - sincerity
Hydrangea - perseverance
Iris - inspiration
Ivy - fidelity
Jasmine - grace and elegance
Larkspur - beautiful spirit
Lavender - distrust
Lilac - first love
Lily :
Calla - regal
Casablanca - celebration
Day - enthusiasm
Stargazer - ambition
Lisianthus - calming
Magnolia - dignity
Marigold - desire for riches
Nasturtium - patriotism
Orange Blossom - fertility
Orchid - delicate beauty
Pansy - loving thoughts
Passion flower - passion
Peony - healing
Poppy - consolation
Queen Anne's Lace - delicate femininity
Ranunculus - radiant
Rhododendron - beware
Rose :
pink - friendship
red - passionate love
red & white - unity
white - purity
yellow - zealous
Snapdragon - presumptuous
Star of Bethlehem - hope
Stephanotis - good luck
Statice - success
Sunflower - adoration
Sweetpea - shyness
Tuberose - pleasure
Tulip :
pink - caring
purple - royalty
red - declaration of love
white - forgiveness
yellow - hopelessly in love
Violet - faithfulness
Wisteria - steadfast
Yarrow - good health
Zinnia - thoughts of friends

The Girl In The ReD Bus!

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She was not wearing red,
But her dress surely challenged Moon...

She was really calm,
But her eyes surely were not...

She didn't speak any word,
But her ears were plugged in with mobile...

I didn't want to hear any music,
Caz her lips murmured awesome melody...

I wont consider her Modern,
Caz churidar is now considered as traditional...

I never say her Beautiful,
Caz she was mesmerizing and gorgeous...

Yesterday @ 5pm

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i rushed out of my office, not to see my GF (since there is none like that), not to see any of my waiting friends, not to catch bus, not to go to movie, not to buy anything. All that rush, is just to go home. Being in afternoon shift, starting to home so early from office is very strange one. honestly, it has never happened till now for me. So, to answer what made me to rush to home that early, All to get more SLEEP. Having watched "Air Crash Investigation" Program in NGC, and having it as one of my fav program, i'll now try to put in the cause, how the events happened and the solution for it.

It all started with the journey from madurai to bangalore, last sunday night. As usual, I boarded a local Govt. Bus from madurai to Hosur. Which is around 10 hours of travel. I was happy that i got a window seat and i can keep the windows open all thru the journey. But the problem was with the seat itself. Somehow i feel like, the ergonomics of the seat in Govt. buses were done solely for the purpose of injecting pain to your body. And it happened so for me too. I realised the pain, only when i reached bangalore and lied down for an hour at home. When i got up to get ready to office on monday morning, its was a hell of pain on neck, spine and back. But, it was ok. nothing like serious one, to apply leave and take rest. i didnt have any problem in goin to office.

Then comes the second event, Programming. Wondering what does programming had to do with this. Actually, I started programming again after 3 years of gap, during which there is not even any incident for me to do programming at all. So, its sooo tough to start it again. Though this time its Programming in Flash ActionScript, which i love the most, because of the lack of touch, it was very very difficult for me to get into that programming mode. I needed extreme concentration and complete dedication on that, to atleast get myself into that programming mode, which is almost impossible during office hours, as there is tons of distractions gauranteed for me, since in Support Team. So, i had to pull myself into doing it in nights also. So, little sleep over the last few nights, because of this back to programming part.

These two are two seperate events, neither of which is so harmful enough. Caz, i have done both these things, many number of times. Its something similar to that of "Tacoma Narrows Bridge" Collapse in 1940. These two events are not harmful, till that resonance frequency. But, that resonance happened for me at 5pm yesterday. That pain gets solved if i take rest for enough hours, which was held out by that programming. The pain was still there for last few days, growing day by day, hour by hour. So, yesterday decided that, no matter what, i'm goin to take rest for some loong time, ie sleep for more hours, so that i can get out of this stupid pain part. And having planned for a Jungle camp this weekend, its so vital for me to get out of that, as early as possible. Hence, yesterday i rushed from office at 5pm, didnt bother to waste time in walking and catching bus, took auto and reached home at 5.30, since not much of traffic at that time, just changed my dress, and direct to bed. Had a 12 hours of non-stop sleep, after very loong time, and now i'm back to form, no pain, no tiredness. yahooooooooooo... And, will try to get prepared for this, if this kind-of thing happens any time in future. hopefully it wont.

Note: No blaming or pointing fingers at anyone. there is no one to blame, other than me, Always.

Fav Songs: Hindi - A Travel Thru The Timeline

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P.S. : Dont ask me for meaning of any words (i mean ANY WORDS) in these songs.. ;) After all, Music is beyond Language Boundaries :)


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Ginger Lemon - My Most Fav @ Silver Metro, Bangalore

The Orang'i'e Duo!!!

Where's ReD????

Yellow Yellow - Good Fellow!!!! ;)


Bourbon Ad…. in Rajani.. err.. Redthil istyle

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A Snippet from one of my friend, DD a.k.a Deepa's blog... i think she started writing blog, just to damage me... :) but still i liked it very much... very well written and explained. Thanks a ton for this DD. Hope there is nothing else in stock like this :).

"He threw it in the sky… upon which the packet opened by itself and the bourbons lined down into Redthil’s mouth…. After showing the entire packet the way to his stomach, our super hero was all ready to show the robbers their way to heaven…."

"So Thalai’s makeover is like this…. A bright blue..........................................."

But Sincere WARNING to all who would click here to read the full post:
Please put your imagination skills to rest. Never ever try to imagine the image portrayed/explained in the Makeover part of that post.

Iniya Piranthanaal Vaazhthukkal Chandrasekar!!!!

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A friend is someone who…

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Belated Friendship Day Wishes to All... Thanks for all your wishes too... just was out-of-station... but, i spent this year Friendship Day with two of my most dearest friends of all time. Also, it would be unfair, if i dont mention and thank "201" (probably, i wuld call u with this number, than first alphabet), so, thank you very much and have fun always 201.

Also found a little quote/poem/message... i believe every sentence, every word in this is absolutely true. Enjoy It. Experience It. Be It.

A friend is someone who…

Is concerned with everything you do.
Is concerned with everything you think.
Calls upon during good time.
Calls upon during bad time.
Understands whatever you think.
Understands whatever you do.
Tells you the truth about yourself.
Knows what you are going through all time.
Refuses to listen the gossip about you.
Supports you all the time.
Does not compete with you.
Genuinely happy for you when things go well.

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