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Posted by redthil On 8/16/2009 11:21:00 PM

I wanted to spend this weekend in somewhat different way. So, last week, i registered for Jungle Camp and Trek with one of the Event organizers called Unexplored Expeditions. And the interesting thing is, i will come to know the remaining persons only when i meet them at the camp site. Adding to that, Undisclosed Place made this one more interesting and look forward for. So, all thru the week, i was preparing for this both mentally and physically. Everything was absolutely fine, until i received an sms from the organizer Karan, at 8.30pm, Friday (we were supposed to start at 3pm saturday) that the camp is cancelled "due to officials facing some technical issues in the forest". Mostly with the Electronic fencing i suppose. Since got metally prepared to go somewhere out this weekend, this was kind of disappointment for me. Just replied to him "ok" with one sad smiley. Next question was, what to do this weekend now?

Just at that time, my friend's plan of going to Thivannaamalai flashed in my mind. Called my friend thilak immediately and confirmed my participation. Thilak and three of other friends Arjun, Anbu and Vijay, started that same night, so that they can sleep for a while in a hotel there, take ample amount of rest before starting for the walk. I joined other 4 guys, Shankar, Shiva, Venkata and Srikanth, and started yesterday (saturday) morning at around 8.30am from bangalore. It was quite a nice journey of 6hours, except the two movies 'Ayya' and 'Maayi' and also Shankar, the expert in this Giri Valam, getting high temperature. Hence, as soon as we reached Thiruvannaamalai, Shankar headed back to Banglore immediately (The fear of H1N1 has affected people much more than what i have thought. come-on guys, its just another Flu, except that, if you have any other diseases already, then you need to fear. Otherwise, its absolutely nothing to be worried. come out of the myth)

We all had lunch and took little rest for few minutes, and we started. Most of us decided to walk on bare-foot, except Vijay and Shiva deciding otherwise. We started marching towards the Temple. Having the expert returned to bangalore, we just moved towards the Gopuram (Entrace Tower at the temple), without knowing the way. We reached the temple, and thus my photo session started, not having belief in God, whatelse i have interesting there, except taking pics of those awesome structures. just enquired the security gaurd at the entrance, whether i can take pics inside (caz most temples dont allow that), and got a very positive reply of 'Yes'. Was really happy to hear that, and started clicking. We started visiting every shrine in that temple(the main God is Lord Shiva and Parvathy).

You can read the full story of our visit there with pics @http://picasaweb.google.com/redthil1/Thiruvannaamalai_Giri_Valam_15082009#. Will try to pen down only stuffs other than those in that album.
As we entered the main shrine, where photography is not allowed, my main responsibility is to group all those ppl together. caz there are many God's in that Tier Three, main shrine, each one went to or spent different times with each god. So, had to keep track of who went where and assemble them once they are done. after around two hours of spending time there, at around 6, we finally came out of the temple and as refreshment, all had cane juice.

Next is GiriValam (Giri-Mountain, Valam-Going around), The Spiritual Walk. This walk is for 14km and also without wearing any footwear, ie with bare-foot. This act of walking with bare foot around the mountain has been performed for ages, and considered to be very holy. (for me it was just another adventure of walking in night for 14km with bare foot ;) and spending time with friends). We started from the temple for this girivalam at around 6.30pm, enquiring abt the way (since few distance we need to cover inside the town, which is for sure confusing). Once we reached the main way, we were very clear. its the main road, connecting this town with other places. hence the road was lit with the vehicles light most of the time. We could also see few of foriegners doing this. We stopped for our first break at arund 4.5km. Vijay and Shiva were person leading us from front, caz they were wearing slippers. And the rest of us scattered into group of two/three. so, everytime we stop, we wait for the rest of the people to join and then leave. On the way, there are many temples, each having specific type of 'Lingam", like Vaayu Lingam, Gubera Lingam, etc. there is one temple where there are 9 such Lingams, and hence that temple is called as "Nava Lingam".

Just around 3km to end this walk, there is this temple called "Idukka Pillayar Kovil" (Idukka - Less Space). The reason to mention this specifically is, this temple has only one big stone, having little opening across. The belief is that, if they could pass through that hole and come out the other end, then all the diseases they have for this 'Jenmam' (Life) will get cured. And our guys, recently having H1N1-mania, went thru that twice.. ;)

We finally ended our Holy Spiritual walk at around 9pm, had dinner in a hotel nearby to that temple itself, caz everyone felt so HARD and painful to walk more, and took auto to the Lodge. Had rest for some time, freshened up, started from there at around 11.30pm (saturday) and reached bangalore by 5am(sunday).

Thanks to each and everyone (we missed u dragon).This was really an awesome trip for me. First and foremost, spent lot of time with friends, then , enjoyed clicking, went to new place, wondered the architecture, most importantly, went for a walk of 14km bare-foot. Its was little tiresome caz of the fulltime journey in Govt. Bus and little hard on the legs caz of walking bare-foot. On the Whole, a very new and different experience, enjoyed a lot.

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    I just saw my comments being removed from some sites. I mean no harm, I'm just… sporadic.

    When there's a will, I want to be in it.

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