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Posted by redthil On 8/13/2009 07:32:00 AM

i rushed out of my office, not to see my GF (since there is none like that), not to see any of my waiting friends, not to catch bus, not to go to movie, not to buy anything. All that rush, is just to go home. Being in afternoon shift, starting to home so early from office is very strange one. honestly, it has never happened till now for me. So, to answer what made me to rush to home that early, All to get more SLEEP. Having watched "Air Crash Investigation" Program in NGC, and having it as one of my fav program, i'll now try to put in the cause, how the events happened and the solution for it.

It all started with the journey from madurai to bangalore, last sunday night. As usual, I boarded a local Govt. Bus from madurai to Hosur. Which is around 10 hours of travel. I was happy that i got a window seat and i can keep the windows open all thru the journey. But the problem was with the seat itself. Somehow i feel like, the ergonomics of the seat in Govt. buses were done solely for the purpose of injecting pain to your body. And it happened so for me too. I realised the pain, only when i reached bangalore and lied down for an hour at home. When i got up to get ready to office on monday morning, its was a hell of pain on neck, spine and back. But, it was ok. nothing like serious one, to apply leave and take rest. i didnt have any problem in goin to office.

Then comes the second event, Programming. Wondering what does programming had to do with this. Actually, I started programming again after 3 years of gap, during which there is not even any incident for me to do programming at all. So, its sooo tough to start it again. Though this time its Programming in Flash ActionScript, which i love the most, because of the lack of touch, it was very very difficult for me to get into that programming mode. I needed extreme concentration and complete dedication on that, to atleast get myself into that programming mode, which is almost impossible during office hours, as there is tons of distractions gauranteed for me, since in Support Team. So, i had to pull myself into doing it in nights also. So, little sleep over the last few nights, because of this back to programming part.

These two are two seperate events, neither of which is so harmful enough. Caz, i have done both these things, many number of times. Its something similar to that of "Tacoma Narrows Bridge" Collapse in 1940. These two events are not harmful, till that resonance frequency. But, that resonance happened for me at 5pm yesterday. That pain gets solved if i take rest for enough hours, which was held out by that programming. The pain was still there for last few days, growing day by day, hour by hour. So, yesterday decided that, no matter what, i'm goin to take rest for some loong time, ie sleep for more hours, so that i can get out of this stupid pain part. And having planned for a Jungle camp this weekend, its so vital for me to get out of that, as early as possible. Hence, yesterday i rushed from office at 5pm, didnt bother to waste time in walking and catching bus, took auto and reached home at 5.30, since not much of traffic at that time, just changed my dress, and direct to bed. Had a 12 hours of non-stop sleep, after very loong time, and now i'm back to form, no pain, no tiredness. yahooooooooooo... And, will try to get prepared for this, if this kind-of thing happens any time in future. hopefully it wont.

Note: No blaming or pointing fingers at anyone. there is no one to blame, other than me, Always.

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  1. Chandru Said,

    Take care :)

    Posted on Thursday, August 13, 2009 11:12:00 AM

  2. redthil Said,

    surely will... mikka nandri hai...

    Posted on Thursday, August 13, 2009 11:13:00 AM

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