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Posted by redthil On 9/04/2009 10:44:00 AM

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In Love

This is the second stage, where you're very successful in your attempt. You'll be very happy person now, in cloud nine.

Yes. you're in cloud nine now, but walking in a bridge between more happiness and sadness. More wider the bridge is, more comfortable you are and thereby more happiness. But this width of the bridge is often affected and is prone to get reduced by various factors. Most cases, this width is so small that, its more like walking in a thin rope. The main reason behind the shrinking of the width of the bridge, which i think is, not understanding the other person properly. Now is the time to understand the person (tho you might have already known about the person, it may be just a small piece in the cake) thoroughly, completely, in & out. And i believe that's the reason people spend hours and hours in the initial days, trying to understand the other person to the core. When talking about the 'initial days', these are the days when you don't bother to notice the world around you, rather, you think your lover is The world for you.

And in these initial days, 'mostly', you tend to show only how good you are or only the good part of you, just like sweetness, glow, etc. this is very natural thing to do, caz that's what we were doing till this point in life. on the other side, you as the reciever, you're the one who has to explore and understand the 'not-so good' things about your lover (its always applicable to both boy and girl). At this stage, these 'not-so good' things ( i believe u agree that everyone has this thing for sure. but ofcourse, the extent of 'not-so' varies with person) is not considered or rather, not given much importance, and accept the other person as they are. Always try to accept people, for who and how they are. There are chances of the bridge getting broken, when the other person tries to convert, 'change' is the appropriate word, change him/her. This is the most dangerous part, if at all you really dont have any other choice than to change him/her, do handle it with atmost care. this trying to change, if not handled properly, leads to the dead end. is either because, the 'not-so good' part has really turned into 'bad' or mis-understanding. either way, once the bridge is broken, its hard, really hard, to repair. Its hard to repair, not just the bridge, even yourself too. Also, as Raggi's words (again :) ), make sure you give all the space and freedom for the other person, to be what and how he/she was till now.

This is the quadrant, where you anlayze and accept that, honey have only very little bitterness, moon has little little gravity, rain-drop has invisible colour and firefly does not have heat at all. Most wont analyze it properly or anlyze it correctly and everyting seems to be very much ok for them and accept it how it is, and allow it to remain the same way as it is. this is the most important part to be noted in this quadrant.

And also should always consider one thing, you're 'in love', so, its better to keep off 'making love'. for only those who're asking, why should i keep off, just think of your parents, thier trust in you, which is THE main thing. other factors include, culture, tradition, etc, etc (and varies on geography and the society. why should you be cared about society? the answer is on the way. you'll get it in-details little more words after. :) ). Even if you dont care about these, this is the stage where anything can happen, and where most breaks happen. There are ofcourse valid reasons for the breaking away. it depends on What you give the importance for. For example, i damn give importance to TRUST, more than anything. so, if i have to decide on breaking away, this trust will be the only consideration, honestly. Though breaking away affects you very much, its very difficult, rather impossible or not appropriate to break away once you 'make love'. whatever it is, if by any minute chance that you break away, i always say one thing only, 'Afterall, Life Has To Go On, Whatever.'

All these things apart, the most important thing, you enjoy the ecstasy of life in this quadrant. You feel very happy, when you know there is one more person, who cares for you in every bit of you, with whom you can share anything and everything, with whom you show how much care you take for him/her, and you know that you're really comfortable and safe (safe part - dedicated to girls ;) ) in this world with that person. You can share your everyday life, rather every second of your life with him/her (technology really plays an important role here). Your world is now full of joy, beautiful romance, the love shown at every second when you are with your lover, going out with him/her, all amazing feelings hidden for these many years, now unveiled. Its so much fun to be 'In Love'.

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