360 Degree of Love : Love Forever.

Posted by redthil On 9/04/2009 10:58:00 AM

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Love Forever

Entering this quadrant, you feel you're more responsible, having successfully registered in this society with approval from parents and other well-wishers.

All the previous quandrants combined span for max of approx 7ven years. But this quadrant spans around 7ven times of all the previous combined. So, its not as easy as it was like the previous quadrants. This is your every second life for billion and trillion seconds. And its really tough to get thru this. But i think the first 5ve years in this quadrant is the crucial time. Once you cross this period, you're well in the Safe and Happy zone. So, what makes this period very crucial??? this is the period, where there are more chances of you getting different in what you were thinking till now about your 'life-partner'. More this chance, more the chance of divorce, more the chance of sadness, more the chance of making people loose trust in love marriage. its just a avalanche effect you kno.

So, what makes this chance more possible? Well, this is the period, when you are really worried that honey is not bitter, moon does not have gravity, rain-drop is not colourful and firefly has not heat. All these things seems to be more important and vital to you now. You feel like without these, its very hard to go ahead, tho this is just an illusion.

Next is, the added factor of responsibilty. Its much worse than what you would have ever imagined. its like a big burden on your head. All these were not experienced in any of the previous quadrants. its will look like, you're are lost in some unexplored jungle. All this is because of the fast and faster world, which expects you to be in sync with it. So, just sit back and relax, then look at all those so called responsibilities. Understand the intention of those responsibilities. Now they wont seem like a burden, it'll be more pleasure in doing those and you would definitely enjoy it more that you have thought.

Also, you can notice few changes in your 'life-partner"s mentality/behaviour/concerns (both man and woman). this may be very shocking for the other person. just for example: in the other quadrants, the guy might have taken care of most of the girls needs like paying bills, calling her always (even in office), etc, etc (i know there are lot more needs than listed here). Once married, this suddenly turns out like the Woman has to take care of her Man (atleast in most cases). This is like total ridiculous for the woman, and a drastic change in Man. This initially start like a little crack in the bridge, followed by sudden difference in opinions, added factor of parents, mis-understandings, quarrels for even little things, which makes the crack bigger and bigger, finally ending up in bridge getting collapsed. So, just by megre understanding of the person and the changes which are likely to be there, and few aestheic 'adjustment's and few sweet 'sacrifice's (which are really needed in long run), All these differences could never ever survive between those two souls, and those cracks ,even if it appears, gets vanished just like that.
This makes Love Forever, ever and ever...

DD, i think the secret for your "after 30 years" wish is revealed now. Enjoy and have fun always.

Disclaimer: Anything which has hurt you or affected you, i have np with that, until it hurts me... just kidding. just ignore whatever you dont like in this 360 degree. All these are purely/just my opinions. Have fun and be happy always, which is what i want from and wish anyone who read this.

-The End-

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