360 Degree of Love : The Love

Posted by redthil On 9/04/2009 10:36:00 AM

Love Is Like
The sweetness in the honey, not the bitterness
The glow in the moon, not the gravity
The purity of the rain-drop, not the color
The light from the firefly, not the heat

These days i come across many of my friend's blogs or discussions, which has one common topic discussed, Love, but in various scenarios, various time in life, and different views. Just thought i'll also pen down few of my thoughts about those posts, and my opinion in general about this, Love - An One Word Epic.

I have split this 360 degree into four quadrants. You'll get to know about each quadrant, as you read along.

The Love

This is the first quadrant and i call this as "Magic" quadrant.

Let me try to get some excerpt from my post long back (didnt want to type it again ;) lazy u kno)... here are few...

"First, if you think you Love someone, never wait for your turn or never wait for chance or never have second-thoughts to tell the other person that you love him/her so much. Even if you know that it'll surely get rejected, never hold back, just express what you feel,. Express yourself."

Expressing is fine, but how should we know that we're in Love... here are my little thoughts... "Without any research, without any background verification, without analyzing the likes nd dislikes of each other, without comparing where we're aligned and where we're not, without any hesitation, just kept her in mind, as a part of my life, for a second and it was that moment, The Moment, which i felt, like million butterflies flapping its wings, like million stars sparkling, like million flowers blossoming, like million rain-drops falling in dry land, in my heart. You know what, this what i feel and call it as 'Love'.". If not sooo poetic, at-least you'll feel the unknown happiness, more comfortable, all these which cant be explained, all these which seems unusual to you. I think that's what 'Love' is.

Also, "Love is there in Heart,... It has no connection with Brain, which does the analysis part. Love is purely about how you feel from Heart. Its purely emotional. Its always the Feeling which decides whether you're in Love with a person or not. Only after that, you struggle (in most of the cases, but the trend is changing) to make it practical. When you give importance to both practical and emotional at the same level (when deciding/accepting/proposing), you should never ever claim you're in Love."

This is the stage, where you always see only the sweetness in the honey, glow in the moon, purity of the rain-drop and light from the firefly.

So, what if your proposal gets rejected? "i strongly think that 'True Love' has nothing to do with the number/times. At the same time, you cant say that you have 'True Love' with many people, caz, as i said, its always like falling into the deep water.". In, my friend, Raggi's words, "Love is not like ONCE IN A LIFETIME OFFER". You really feel very happy, when the number of attempts is very less, and in the exosphere, if thats One.

The one point which i dont agree with Raggi is "even if they already have an affair with someone els". I dont think there is any point in expressing what you feel about them, when they already have an affair. In-turn, it might inadvertently affect the peaceful mind of that person. He/She might now be worried about your failure, if you're good friend of them, and there might be a gap starting to emerge. I dont think anyone will wish for such kind of situation to arise, having known the other person well. So, we need to consider this as, just another attempt, and look forward for the next.

Whatever the case is, if your attempt didnt succeed, never mind. dont get into the sadness, dont hurt yourself more (caz you're already hurt now), dont worry. Just try to get out of it, as early as possible. Focus on other stuffs (hobbies, interests, anything...), which makes you not to think of that again. Analyse yourself, if you get any valid reason for your little step-back, try to ensure that, you're better from now. Afterall, Life Has To Go On, Whatever.

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