It has been quite some time!!!!

Posted by redthil On 10/07/2009 10:29:00 PM

ya... as the subject line indicates, it has been really quite a looong time since there was any post here..

just was thinking what made me to be away from writing/posting? there were quite few reasons which flashed. First one being, little more iron at the back in work and i dont complain on this one, caz i really luv it ;).

Then comes the question of, what about the time spent at home after work hours? mmm.. this has been recently filled with the small small games in FB like Farmville, Cafe World, etc and other usual browsing stuff. once finished with this, or during doing these itself, i go to bed.

So, what about weekends/holidays, and recently there were lot of long weekends too? ya.. agreed.. but on almost ALL weekends, i somehow was away from the internet or even away from my Xappy. And missed my GF2 for some time too... :( Most of them were going out for trips, where even mobiles are not useful, other than to keep alarm. And one more sad part is, my GF1 has some troubles, well, not with me though. It has become too much sensitive that, even if i touch at any part of her, it considers it as my acceptance, and it accepts too.. (and its always a trouble when you think of something and your GF assumes some other thing u kno..) Apart from these two things, one very happy part was/is, my GF3 is absolutely at her best... soo nice to handle, and i'm spending most of my time with her on these holidays.. little relief on this part, and its good too...

And after all these thing, one major component for this loong time break was Laziness... caz there are lots of post still in draft stage, and me not able to complete those.. which mostly is attributed to my laziness or lack of interest (very little tho..) or change in my view/opinion which contradicts those in the drafts.. will try to post them, try my best, as i cant assure you of all those being promoted to be public post. sometimes, its good for them to be in draft, than as a post...

Whatever it is, will try to make this blog, back as lively as ever.. happy reading and happy blogging too...

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