This is the WMX verification file. If you are having problems...

Posted by redthil On 10/23/2009 07:37:00 PM

The exact error which i got:

 "This is the WMX verification file. If you are having problems with the WMX verification for your blog please visit"

This is how i resolved it:

  • Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Publishing
  • You can see your "BlogSpot Address" (eg:  "http://[redthil]
  • There are two ways which you can do from this point (i suppose both works):
    • Try dummy "Custom Domain" (this is what i did)
** Click on "Custom Domain" link
** Click on "Switch to advanced settings" link
** In the "Your Domain" textbox, enter the dummy value as "http://[]"
** Enter the Word Verification, and click on "Save Settings"
** You'll get "Settings Were Saved Successfully" message. (now, when you try accessing your blog with "", it will ask to try to redirect to the dummy website address.)
** Now from the dashboard, come to the Settings > Publishing page, and click on "" link (next to the "Switch to:" value)
** Word Verification again and try to access your blog url ( now. It should be working fine now. 
    • Try alternate blogspot address (this one i checked out/read just now, just before publishing this post)
* Change your blog name from SETTING --> Publishing --> Type the new name --> word verification --> save setting then check it out, if you want to change the name again like the last name you made you can. just try it. (source: Blogger Forum)

This is how the events unfolded:

The above two headings were for those who suffers with this issue, and want a direct answer. The following paras explains how all these event unwrapped to come to this solution.

I was just trying to access my blog yesterday (the same one which you're reading now). I was totally shocked when i got an ERROR. And as usual, google was my immediate place to search for this error. Though i got few hits, that too in the Blogger Forum itself, it said that this is known bug in blogger and hence i thought there is way to solve this. On reading the threads in that forum entry, one option mentioned was to create a New Post. and thats the reason for my previous post JLT. Thats the interesting part of this issue. I was able to access these post, by giving the complete url in the address bar.

And that didn't solve the problem. so, back to the drawing board, googling/trying/re-trying... with no fruitfull results, went to bed. Morning was still more shocking, wherein i couldnt even login to my dashboard, but able to access my other blogs (except this one). it was throwing some error and some number, and no result on searching for that error number in Blogger Help too. After some time, i was able to access my dashboard (a big relief) and again started all the "ing"s. After many many many trials, finally what i have mentioned as the first option worked for me. This was the ultimate relief. :)


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