My Thirupathi Thirumala Trip - Awesome !!!!

Posted by redthil On 11/03/2009 01:11:00 PM

Started from Majestic, Bangalore in APSRTC Volvo Bus @ 5:30pm.


Reached Thirupathi "Srinivasam Pilgrim Amenities Complex" @ 12:30am

Waited at the Pilgrim Complex for 2hours, as the Toll Gate to Thirumala will open only at 3am

Reached Thirumala Toll Gate @ 2:30am

Waited for another 30mins searching for the bus where we can get place and ticket (there were more than 15 buses and 20-30 cars/jeeps lined-up waiting)

Reached Thirumala @ 3:40am and RAN towards the Queue1 downstairs, near the CRO office, for getting the SUPRABHATHAM SEVA ticket. (It was like sitting behind bars.)

Progressed from queue1 to queue2 upstairs @ 6am, and the waiting continues.

Little Prayers while waiting... caz they will be giving only 80+ tickets and since we were late joining the queue, we counted, analysed and finalised that we were really on the very border.

At 8:30am, we finally got the token for getting the Seva Ticket. (mannn.. after all these running/waiting/etc, holding these tokens, you need to,do it ,to feel it...)

Travelled to the next stop, in this Free Bus, and got the Accomodation which we have alreay booked in-advance.

After a breakfast @ Indian Coffee House and little rest , back to the ever-crowded streets to visit Thirumala Srivari Temple

And this is the First time i'm ever seeing this temple.. It was as awesome as the amount of people visiting this temple.

Very little relaxing time, before we kick-start the busy day time @ the huge stage where exact replica model of the Deity is kept.

First Stop - Visiting Shri Varaha Swamy near the Pond (the water was very clear). Waited for almost an hour there.

Totally exhausted on mostly waiting, we then waited for around 30mins to have "Free Meals". It was a damn huge Hall, where thousands can have food at the same time. And food was tasty too. Hats Off to the TTD for maintaining in such a good condition.

After lunch, direct bus to Papavinasam, around 30mins travel from the main temple. It has a small temple and a never-draining water flowing from top. It also had a small reservoir nearby, but no water at this time.

On our way returning from Papavinasam, immediate stop is "Akasaganga Thirtham". I believe there will be a sacred water stream running at that place, but this time, no water. :)

30mins walk from "Akasaganga Thirtham", is this temple for Lord Hanuman called as "Zapali". It also had a very beautiful natural pond, and this temple is in deep inside the forest, and you have to walk only. But the walk way is damn good with stone way reaching from the main road till the temple premise.

Back to our accomodation at 5pm, had little rest and attended my friend's wedding there at 7:30pm. Million Wishes for the Newly Married Couple.

After dinner, me and one more friend, went for roaming in the temple at night. Except the sunlight, nothing was different from the day time. People were running all around.

People were still waiting in the queue to have glimpse at the God, even at 10:30pm. And still it'll take atleast an hour for them to come out. Have never seen like this before.

After roaming for some more time, went to bed at around 11pm.


After 1 hour loong sleep, got ready and back to the queue, this time for having a nice closer look at the deity @12:30am.

After waiting for 2 hours in the queue (and we're the first people standing in front of the queue), showing tickets in the counter as it opened at 2:30am, running through the empty path way (otherwise completely occupied and people crawling thru that way), had a VERY CLOSE look at the Deity. About the SUPRABHATHAM SEVA, you get to stand just at the entrance of the 7th door, hear the Guru's chanting/singing "Suprabhatham" for almost 20mins, waking up the Lord (which equals waking up the World), and going through the 7 doors, stand inside the 1st door, have a look/pray to the Deity, come out of all the 7 doors. Truely Amazing Experience it was. (For me, i was tooooo eager to have a glimpse of the figure, who controls the faith of millions of people around the world. and not even a single nano second was disappointing for me in this Seva). And the Golden Temple Premise was making me more wondering to look at it. You really have to be there atleast once in your lifetime, to witness the Majestic Deity at His extreme Power to have such a huge following.

After an awesome dharshan, back to our room at around 5:30am. Had a little rest and went for the breakfast @ Indian Coffee House. This has become our fav place to have food there. (I really like the vada there)

Back to the streets again, starting another busy running day. This time we hired a vehicle, as we were running short of time, to visit few place there.

First stop from there was "SriVari Padaalu". This is the place where Lord Vishnu first landed on this hill and the foot is pointing exactly towards the direction of the deity in the Main Temple. This is considered to be the top-most point in that hill and the view from this place is awesome.

Next one was "Sila Thoranam" or "Natural Stone Arch" - A rare unique geological rock arch, aged 1500 million years, formed by a geological feature called "eparchean uncun firmity". Devotees believe that Lord Vishnu appeared through this as Swayambhu and took up His abode at the temple which is just a kilometer away.

A few minutes walk from there, is this place called "Chakra Theertham", full of rocks and little water body at the small temple.

After visiting those places, it was around 1:30pm, and it was getting late to come down to tirupathi. The Ghat Way is really nice one, trees, rocks and lots & lots of hair-pin bends. And these drivers know every inch of that, we reached thirupathi very soon.

We then visited the Temple of Padmavathi - Godess of Lord Vishnu, at Thirupathi, had lunch, started from Thirupathi @ 3:45pm and reached Bangalore @ 10pm.

And it wont be fair, if i dont mention my friends, whom i spent all these time with... here are they

From Left: Rajan, Bhanu, Bala

And this post is entirely dedicated to Bhanu. (Million thanks to you Bhanu)


  1. hi thala,
    nice trip description with photo and felt like watching a movie.

    Very well presented.will follow this in my future trips for sure.

    Too Good.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 6:34:00 PM

  2. FiatFan Said,

    Hi Redthil,
    I am planning to visit Tirumala to get the blessings of Lord Venkateswara next week Thursday. I am getting to hear so many news about the Seva's. Some people say that all the Seva's(related to Main Deity) are cancelled and for other seva's like Unjal Seva we need to buy the ticket in Vijaya Bak-Tirumala the previous day. But in your post you have said that you bought the ticket for Suprabatha Seva. Did you buy from the Vijaya Bank at Tirumala ? Also at what time they start issuing the ticket ? Please clarify.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 8:26:00 PM

  3. Chandru Said,

    I second Shankar.

    It's really a nice post. I want to go to Thirupathi but I've not initiated any plan for the trip :( There is a belief that only when HE wants to meet you, you will reach his place! It worked for you :) It could just remind me of Illayaraja's comment about Kamal Hasan, in kamal's 50 years function, that GOD loves kamal though he is an atheist!

    Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 8:47:00 PM

  4. redthil Said,


    only AAD is cancelled. instead of that you have "SEEGHRA DARSANAM" which costs around Rs. 300 and it takes around 2hrs max.

    About Seva's, i think all the online booking for Sevas are cancelled. You need to get tickets directly, standing in the queue. They start issuing ticket at 8am. But You need to be there in the queue, very early in the morning, as early as 2am-3am (if weekend), so that you can be assured that you'll get the tickets, as the tickets are very very limited. Now they are not issuing Seva tickets at Vijaya-Bank Counter. You need to go to the underground line at the "Arjitha Seva Ticket Counter", opposite to the CRO Office Or near the Railway Reservation Center. check out the pic @

    And i believe, "Suprabhatham" and "kalyanotsavam" is there in all the days. The remaining Seva's, only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, i think. anyways, will confirm on this soon. You can check out this link for more info on what all Seva's are there...

    Hope you have a very nice dharshan.. but do make sure that you're booking accommodation in-advance and dont forget to take blankets, if u're ready to wait in queue.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 8:59:00 PM

  5. redthil Said,


    mikka nandri hai Dragon... have a nice time blogging.. hoping to see your blogs updated more often... :)


    mikka nandri hai to u too... abt that "HE wants to meet you" part, its all there on how you take it. okies, lets not get into more on this... as i mentioned, u need to be there atleast once in your lifetime, if not caz of belief, atleast to have a look at the Power to control million souls... :P

    Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 9:04:00 PM

  6. redthil Said,


    And "YES", you need to get the tickets, the previous day. forgot to mention that in previous comment... :)
    I got the tickets on Saturday morning, for Sunday "Suprabhatham Seva"

    Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 9:07:00 PM

  7. Unknown Said,

    When did u start going to temples??

    Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 10:35:00 PM

  8. Chandru Said,

    If you deeply observe, you are one among that million souls!

    HE got a place in your blog. HE made you to give information about HIM to others through your blog, etc. Last but not lease HE made you to convey others that everyone should be there atleast once in their lifetime and HE is the power who controls millions of souls!

    Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 10:38:00 PM

  9. redthil Said,


    Actually, the theme for me to go there is, to attend my friend's wedding. But because of this guy Bhanu, i happened to go through all these things. he has been there many times. so, just thought, will share these info, which might be helpful or just share my experience. :) otherwise, me and temples.. u kno that.. :)


    "control million souls"... He cant do that da... may be, i'm amazed at that.. but not lost control, and never loose it to anyone too, except 'one' .. :) so, never have even a single doubt on that... :)

    Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 10:51:00 PM

  10. Chandru Said,

    :) You never know what is controlling you...

    You will understand one day!

    Anyways, am happy that u got that chance which many many among that millions are still awaiting...

    Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 10:58:00 PM

  11. FiatFan Said,

    Thanks for the clarification. I will plan to go early there. Would I alone be able to buy seva tickets for my family members(6 including me) or they all have to be there ?

    Posted on Wednesday, November 04, 2009 9:48:00 AM

  12. redthil Said,


    mmmmm... waiting for that day.. :)

    thats y million thanks to bhanu...


    all has to be there, as they take photo and fingerprint of each one buying tickets.. and when you go for Seva, they first compare and verify the photo, and if there is too much variation/difference, then they verify your fingerprint.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 04, 2009 9:54:00 AM

  13. FiatFan Said,

    Hi Redthill,
    I have a 4 yr old kid ..I just wanted to know whether the queue area is covered area or not , because many are saying that its heavily raining in Tirumala..Please clarify would really help me to plan accordingly ..Thx

    Posted on Sunday, November 08, 2009 10:16:00 AM

  14. Unknown Said,

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