its hot... its super HOT

Posted by redthil On 3/20/2010 03:02:00 PM

before you go to any other thoughts, let me stress on that fact that, this is just about "Climate" in Bangalore.
Though its just the starting of summer, the mercury in bangalore has already reached heights, which it has never reached in recent past, atleast for last 4 years.

what caused this change in the ever cool bangalore?
cutting down trees for wide road?
or ever increasing vehicles?
or overcrowded high-rise building (i just have a suggestion here, cant we add a prefix to bangalore's name, as 'concrete-garden city'?) ?
or may be global warming?

what ever it is, what difference it makes to me? just few changes which i see here n there..

more ads for Air conditioners on the hoardings, where there were big mobile player names...
more discount banners for Air coolers in super markets and showrooms...
more ad sms for refridgerators on mobile...
these things, which were never there in bangalore previously.

people are hesitating to go out, not because of cold, now because of heat (atleast i'm). the volvo AC buses are crowded, not just with so called 'software people', every person prefers them, rather than much cheaper ordinary buses. this happens even in early morning, which explains lot many things.

Though i always wanted the economic 'recession' time to end, i'm now wondering when will the temperature 'recession' time will start...

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Human Footprint

Posted by redthil On 3/17/2010 10:20:00 PM

I was just reading one of my friend's blog, where she was explaining how we make sure that, we get whatever we wanted, right from the day we come out of our mother's womb, though she has seen it in some other view.  This made me think on, what we really wanted in our life?? well, don't want to go philosophical. Instead, thought like, What we really do/get/buy/use/waste in our whole lifetime in this world/universe? This reminded me, one of my fav program which was aired in NGC sometime back (not sure when was that... poor memory u kno...). 

This one starts with what we use from the 1st day, also how many we use in our entire lifetime, right from baby-napkins, till every drop of water we use. Though they have TRIED to cover everything, but each one of us know, no-one can cover everything. Searched for that fantastic program in youtube and could get these 10 parts of videos. have arranged them in order, so that you don't have to go to each video, in 10 separate windows to watch it.

This one ends with an awesome quote, which everyone would have certainly heard of, "WE DIDN'T BRING ANYTHING, AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE ANYTHING WITH US.... ". A fact which none of us can deny. 

without any delay, enjoy this one...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

After watching this, i think you might have got some idea on, what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint... if not entirely, it would be very good, if we can do any little thing, what we can , in support of "Go-Green". Sincere thanks to whoever uploaded these videos.
Have An Awesome Day...

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Tanjavur Periya Kovil

Posted by redthil On 3/14/2010 10:11:00 PM

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Formula 1 Team Logos - 2010,2009,2008

Posted by redthil On 3/14/2010 03:41:00 PM




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All new look of my blog...

Posted by redthil On 3/11/2010 02:03:00 AM

Well... was not active much in www for some time. the reason being, trying and customizing this new layout for my blog.

But first, why new look? mmmm... i just felt that this blog has been looking the same for quite a long time. and that was the second main reason. first reason being, i felt there are few info in www, which i update (if not regularly, at least occasionally), which were just scattered in different places and there was no proper place or the info flow is missing between these. hence wanted a place, where all these are integrated and is presented in a consolidated way. hence, was checking on few themes/layouts for my blog, which serves this purpose and finally got this layout.

Then, the first challenge i faced, was with customizing this layout, for my needs. placing the details and then testing how user-friendly it is. once it reached a considerable shape, opened my testing arena to very few friends, and made changes as per their valuable feedback. few feedbacks were totally opposite of how i viewed them. so, it took a little while, to test their suggested changes, again nd again nd again nd again..., till i'm totally convinced with those changes.

Once the changes are done, next major challenge, was to make this layout compatible with different browsers. Few widgets, which work seamlessly well in one browser, was not even working/does not work the way which i wanted to. so, had to modify those widgets and scripts to work well with atleast major browsers like Firefox, Chrome and IE. this ate considerable amount of my time, to compromise on the way few widgets gets displayed across the browsers and test it extensively.

Now that, the whole layout is ready, then came my biggest challenge. The issue now was, it was taking too long time to load the page. Mainly because of the image stream at the top. i once got a comment, for my old blog, that, its taking too much time for loading. This new layout was taking triple the time it took for my old blog. i was like, this is not going to work. After few modifications to those images, without compromising the visual quality of those images, i was able to reduce considerable amount of loading time, at least 40% of what it took previously.

So, With all those modifications, changes, testing, thanks to my friends, here it is... the new layout/look of my blog, live...

I will stop this talking about some non-sense right now, with the following pics..

Old Blog Layout Stats

New Blog Layout Stats - Before Modifications

New Blog Layout Stats - Live now

And this new blog...

Just not to forget the Old Layout.....

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