my first report on Mangalore AirPlane Crash

Posted by redthil On 5/22/2010 06:08:00 PM

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first, hearty condolences for all those who lost their lives... may their soul RIP.
i have been following this news from 8am.. if you ask me, what made me to write anything on this accident? only thing is, have watched almost all the episodes of "Air-Crash Investigation" in NGC. is that all enough to write report on this? i dont think so, but still, just wanted to pen down my views on the reason for this mis-hap.

analyzing the environment conditions when this plane approached the runway, of 8000ft long, runway cleared from ATC, pilots did not say any word on any problems in the aircraft,wind calm, no rain (cloudy but), visibility of 6km, enough grip in the runway (as per aviation minister's press statement), an well experienced pilots (having more than enough air-hours, and have flown to/out of this mangalore airport, airplane is just 2yrs old.
inspite of all these positives, the BOEING 737-800, did crash, with death toll of 159 (146 body recovered, as of now 5.40pm IST), out of 166 people (13 adults, 19 children, 4 infants, 6 crew) 
what made me to stick to this news was, the difference in the numbers between the total persons on-board the plane and the death toll count. am so happy that there is alteast a difference in these numbers, considering it as a miraculous one. what did those 7ven people do differently, than the rest, to get out of this accident, still alive. for understanding this, we need to virtually re-create the seconds of disaster. let me try my view on it, with the timeline which i think would have happened resulting in this accident.

> ATC clears runway for flight 812 to land
> pilots of flight 812 starts their descending
> flight reaches the runway with little more altitude and speed than the expected one,
> flight touches little farther than the expected distance in the runway (2000ft from the start of the runway)
> noticing that pilot tries to abort the landing, increasing the thrust and accelerating, trying to takeoff
> this increases the rear tyres pressure, and leads to rear-right tyres failure first (as per the accounts of the survivor, they heard a loud noise as it touched-down, and its in right side, caz the survivor insisted that he saw a fire near the right wing)
> this then leads to the increasing pressure on the joint of the fuselage , which connects the front and rear of the plane (as the pilot tries to abort landing, trying to pull the plane up, but the rear tyre failure pulls the plane down, resulting in high mechanical tension in the joint)
> due to this high pressure, the plane breaks into two, though not so much apart from one another.
> this cancels the pilots try to abort the landing, and since the pilot tried to accelerate before, couldnt stop the plane inside the runway limit
> plane then goes ahead of the runway, skids off the remaining extended mud area, and then skids down the hill, creating a trail on the hill, and comes to rest around 90mts from the top of the hill.
> still, the plane is not completely in fire, which gives the time for those survivors to escape from the plane
> after few mins, when the fire reached the fuel, it exploded, engulfing the whole plane in fire, charring everyone still on that plane.

but, why couldnt the other people, couldnt get out, when few people managed? one thing we can get from the survivor statement was, all were thrown out, in all directions, when the flight spun out of control. so, when the plane was tumbling down thru the hill, most of them would have got hurt badly, because of which, during those critical time of escaping, they couldnt get up and go out. those who're able to stick to their seats or still managed to get up, got out thru any of the exit, which they could see, and escape this disaster. Even, one person managed to get out, walk for 30 mins to a nearby village.

this is just my view on this accident. we'll have to wait for the DGCA to come up with the official statement on what happened really, based on their investigation.

before ending this post, would like to convey million thanks to those volunteers from the nearby villages, who helped in the search and rescue operations, from the time they heard the loud blast, till this moment...

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 Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam Temple at Vyalikaval, Malleswaram, Bangalore Courtesy:

For the benefit and with the sole objective of catering to the thousands of devotees in Bangalore and Karnataka, the TTD, Bangalore, has constructed a new Temple at Vyalikaval, in Malleswaram, Bangalore.  The Pratistapana of the Lords shall be organized from May 21st - 23rd, 2010 at the Temple Premises. The Temple will be open to devotees from 13.00 hrs on 23rd May 2010. The Temple as been constructed as per Agama Shastra, under the guidance of TTD’s Temple Architects and Statapathis. The rituals conducted will be performed in accordance with Vaikhanasa Agama Shastra.

All the puja/ sevas being conducted will be done in the same spirit as in Tirumala and all the contributions made here shall be directly credited to TTD Hundi at Tirupathi. 
The devotees in Bangalore and Karnataka, can now visit the Temple and conduct the same sevas and seek blessings of the Lord, here in Bangalore.The inauguration of the Temple is a culmination of an idea, which started over 2 decades ago but remained unfulfilled. 
The newly established Temple is an abode of seven deities –
1.      Lord Venkateshwara Swamy
2.      Sri Padmavati Ammavaru
3.      Sri Andal
4.      Sri Ganesha
5.      Sri Rama / Seeta Mata / Sri Lakshmana & Sri Anjaneya
6.      Sri Anjaneya
7.      Sri Radha & Krishna

Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams

 16th cross, Vyalikaval,

Malleswaram, Bangalore 

91 80 23315361/ 91 80 23445432

well... thats the formal part of this update... but, when i heard/saw this update in News9 Channel, i was like, 
"A branch of Tirupati temple in Bangalore!!!".... 
mmm... "Branch!!!!!"
just one thing i can understand from this opening-branch stuffs.. more branches, more audience/customers/devotees(here), more gain, more money... has the faith of people has been mis-used? everyone knows the answer for this Q. and this is one of the perfect examples for that. whatever the intention of the so-called groups/trusts is, to those who still have hope/faith, "all the best"...

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Uyirum Neeye

Posted by redthil On 5/14/2010 10:53:00 PM

Movie: Pavithra (Tamil)
Singer: Unni Krishnan
Music: AR Rahman

Uyirum neeye udalum neeye uravum neeye thaaye (2)
The very life,the very form,the very relationship is you Mom

Un udalil sumandhu uyirai pagirndhu uruvam tharuvaai neeye (2)
You took care of me in your womb sharing your life and soul with me to make me get this form.

Un kaNNil vazhiyum oru thuLi podhum Kadalum urugum thaaye
A drop of tear from yr eyes is enough to make the ocean overflow

Un kaaladi mattum tharuvai thaaye Sorgam enbadhum poyye
Your lotus feet are enough to make me believe heaven is a myth.

PeNNai padaithaan maNNai padaitthaan katrum oliyum mazhaiyum padaitthaan (2)
He created a woman,the five elements

Boomikku adhanaal nimmadhi illai (2) Sami thavitthan thaayai padaitthan
Because of which there was no peace and then he decided to create a Mom

Thanks 2  suryathesun

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my first TIPs

Posted by redthil On 5/04/2010 09:39:00 AM

Last week, one of my close friend opened an ice-cream shop "Kold Stone Creamery" @ Abirami Mall. So, me and my another friend went there for that opening day. And since its the first day, it was kind of practicing session only. so, each one of us, took care of some work there. and me, as the waiter. though have lil experience in serving people, for those social service activities as part of YRC, this one is REAL. means, its all about convincing or acting nicely to them... the same way we receive when we go to some other restaurants. among those 5 groups whom i served, one gave me tips of Rs. 10 for the bill of Rs. 80 !!!! wow!!!! i never thought of it... i dint know how to react to that, what to say to him... so, just said thank you, as usual. :) we always sit on the other side of this... so, It was sooo nice... different and awesome experience you know... thanks to my friend, for giving me this wonderful opportunity.. 

(thanks for these snaps Vijesh)

some interesting questions also came my way.. and you know this is ice-cream shop... one family asked whether they can just get fruit-salad instead of ice-cream... one other question was, one old man asking, "do you have sugar-free ice-creams?"... well, interesting and funny, to know how people ask question to escape from ordering something, and just to sit and relax for some time in that cool shop...

And if you're visiting Abirami Mall @ Chennai, please do visit this shop in third floor...

All the best to my friend for this new venture!!!

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