created wedding website for my friend!

Posted by redthil On 6/03/2010 09:43:00 AM

when one of my friend, Pradeep, asked me to create a website for his wedding, as always, the first thing which came to my mind was, it should not be like what we see these days, from the free wedding site creation "". I'm tired of seeing links to this site, when i read friends invite in email. So, wanted to create something different from those usual templates which are there in all these free wedding site creation websites. so, here it is!!!

The one thing i personally liked in creating this wedding website is, Pradeep gave me complete freedom of creating anything which i want.. the only thing he said was "i need a wedding website thala!!". And i know, i dont get such kind of freedom to create something like this, and this freedom gives you more motivation to think differently and tryout different things... and Million thanks to him for giving me this precious 'freedom'. "i hope i have done atleast a OK job thala!!!"

And coming to the technical part, jQuery! this site is completely built using this jQuery Javascript Library 1.4.2 (minified version). every component, every object you see in there, and every action in that site, is handled by those jQuery. thanks to the resources/plugins in .

now the tough part... what about the time it takes for loading this site? well... it seriously takes a while for loading all those images. and i had no other choice to use, other than images, since, i cant recreate those effects using text effects and also, when u use texts, its always dependent on client's browser.. so, to give a feel of what we want, images are the best one (had this been created as a flash site, these images would not have been needed at all). but tried to make the images as small in size as possible, without compromising on the quality of those images. but, once this site is loaded, it'll be a smooth navigation inside the site. since, this is wedding website, mostly it'll be accessed once or twice. its not like blog, where you visit more frequently. hence, this little more loading time, seemed ok for me..

so, how much time it takes for completely loading this site?
and these are the objects which is getting loaded in this website..

And Best wishes for a Happy Married Life Pradeep & Pavithra!!!!

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  1. Unknown Said,

    Great Creation Senthil. Its too good :)

    Posted on Thursday, June 03, 2010 10:19:00 AM

  2. redthil Said,

    thank you very much Aparna!!!! :)

    Posted on Thursday, June 03, 2010 10:23:00 AM

  3. Unknown Said,

    HEI.. nice website.. how did u do this.. .. can u please guide me how to do this..

    my mail id :


    please reply to my mail..

    Posted on Sunday, September 19, 2010 1:29:00 PM

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