Valencia 2010 GP2 and F1 Accidents - LiftOff !!!

Posted by redthil On 6/28/2010 11:27:00 AM

These two happened in the same track, same day , at the same corner, in the same way, same flips, same banging at the same safety tyres.. only the drivers and car was different...and F1 accident happened just after few hours of that of GP2 accident...

These accidents reveal, how thin the rope which the aerodynamic engineers have to ride on, to get the car on ground at such a high speed (remember, these cars were not at their top speed, when this accident happened). just a small increase in the amount of air-flow under the car, turns the car to a jet plane without flight control cockpit.

Also, these accidents reveal, how high the safety measures are in those cars. The driver walking alive after such high speed, high intense crashes, is absolutely amazing. just remembered how the Legendary Ayrton Senna was killed in an accident. This sport has learned a lot and come way far in terms of safety standards.

F1: Mark Webber - RedBull Racing Team
GP2: Josef Kral - Super Nova Racing Team

Interestingly, in both the races, the other member of that Team, went ahead to win the Race. Sebastian Vettel for RebBull Racing and Marcus Ericsson for Super Nova!!!

Hows this post? 


  1. Vijesh Said,

    But it looks like there was contact with the front car in both the cases. Could that be the reason of the front nose to rise up and eventually fly. If it was only aerodynamics, it could have recurred when the cars are approaching the corner alone?

    Posted on Monday, June 28, 2010 2:11:00 PM

  2. redthil Said,

    yes yes.. of-course it was because of the contact with the front car..

    i mentioned about the aerodynamics because, the lifting of the car because of the impact, was just about an inch... once that extra void gets formed under the car, more air rushes in, making the car rocket vertically...

    so, was just praising those aerodynamics engineer, for their fantastic work in keeping the car down at those high speeds..

    Posted on Monday, June 28, 2010 2:22:00 PM

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