bandh - a perfect opportunity to relax

Posted by redthil On 7/06/2010 10:50:00 AM

This not about whether bandh is good or bad, needed or not, etc etc. But this "National Level Bandh", called by the opposition party, on the fuel price hike, indeed was the time to spend the day at home. I dont remember when was this kind of National Level Bandh before this (may be for the Onion Price, not sure.. ). But, this sudden holiday, brought many smiles to those working class people, especially in the IT industry. Atleast i can see lot of people on friday, enthusiastically asking whether we get holiday on monday or not, hoping to get one. And when they heard that we dont have to come to office on monday, everyone was happy, including me. :)

It was not like any other Official Holiday (this does not have entry in Official Calendar) wherein we can plan for that extended weekend, so that even monday is included for some travel. This time, since its an unexpected leave, it was a perfect opportunity for relaxing at home. Just be at home, the whole day, relaxing, sleeping, watching tv, browsing, etc. A time to explore what all we can do, at home, simply at home. A perfect time to spend time with family members, without any other plans like shopping, hang-out... And also to enjoy the the silent roads in the day time. I dont know how often, we get to see these roads empty, without those vehicles, stacked up in the traffic signals (though we dont want to see this emptiness often).


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