Dlink router setup crashes!!!

Posted by redthil On 8/25/2010 11:41:00 PM

Just got a new D-Link  DIR 615 Wireless N Router today, after a week of my old Netgear router stopped working (have to do a postmortem of that router soon). After the issue faced during the setup of my old netgear router, this time, wanted to ensure that, the setup of this router, is smooth and without issues. 
The cover of the router box itself said, "EASY INSTALL - 3 simple steps". That gave me lot of relief, as i dont have to go through the rather little difficult task of configuring it manually. Inserted the CD, and launched the "Router Setup Wizard". After clicking on "Agree" button (as always, didnt read any line in that agreement text, but always ensure that, i drag the scroll bar down, till the end), the first page was to select the language. Selected English, and clicked Next. All is well till now. 

The second screen was "Checking the current network" and "Verifying the Current Network". started the first one of checking the current network. just then popped up an windows error window, saying that "The program has encountered an ERROR"... just thought it might be because of, the setup not be compliant with Windows Vista. Read the manual, which was saying it compatible from Windows2000 till  Windows7... 

Closed the wizard, took the CD out, inserted it, and tried again (got used to the Windows method of restarting to solve any error encountered). But no use with this one.
Also tried disabling the Windows Firewall, Defender, and other Anti-Malware services. but no hope of going through this setup wizard. 

Though i can manual setup, instead of using setup wizard, i wanted to find out the reason behind this setup wizard crash. After little reading here n there, and trying to understand what its doing when its checking for current network setup, finally was able to find the root cause for the crash. Found that, those network connections, which were created for the Virtualization Software(s), was the culprit behind this crash. This setup wizard was not able to get proper info or its getting some info which its not able to understand, and ultimately ends up crashing. 

Disabled all the other Network Connections, except the main one, in which i have connected it to the internet. This time, the whole setup went through fine, and configured my wireless connection also using the setup wizard. Relax at the end!!!!

This is how the network connections status looked, after all the configurations.... you can see the status of Virtualized Networks as "Disabled"

Dont know when will i configure a router without any issue!!!!!

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World of Winged Jewels - Butterfly Park !!!

Posted by redthil On 8/15/2010 12:54:00 AM

Yet another gr8 day in my life, just got over... but this day, in addition to the world wide web, spent valuable time at the world of winged jewels... Butterfly Park @ Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore. Though November is the peak season for the butterfly, we could find few varieties of them.

And those are more than enough, to take you from this world to the wonderland. Infact, Butterfly is seen as the personification of a person's soul. (One Japanese superstition says that if a butterfly enters your guestroom and perches behind the bamboo screen, the person whom you most love is coming to see you.

And it really takes your breath away, when it just passes very near to your eyes, flapping its wings, very very beautiful ones. its really difficult to refrain from trying to touch those, that too, when it calmly sits in an leaf/flower. so, instead of touching it, this time tried to capture few of those, not with my hands, with my camera. so, here are few of those...

It was very very very calm morning, with just the buzzing sound of bees hitting ur ear drums...

This Butterfly Park is at Bannerghatta National Park, inaugurated on Nov,2006, spread across 7.5 acres, open from 10am-5pm (tuesday holday)

Has a polycarbonate roof and is a 10,000 sq ft. circular enclosure, inside which the living environment has been carefully designed to support over 20 species of butterflies, with humid climate, plants, shrubs and flowers.

Also has a museum that exhibits different species of butterflies and their life history and a media room showing video on butterflies

Its so pleasing to see a butterfly sitting in an flower, just inches from ur eyes. And i dont have to tell how beautiful those wings are....

It just flies around you...

Witnessed one of beautiful movie... Hero, Heroine and the Dark Villian!!! (you can check the series of pics in the album to understand it)

The butterfly, with its legs, tastes the leaves in which its going to lay her eggs, caz its going to be those leaves which the larva/caterpillar feed-on after its birth..

Beautiful flowers in the Butterfly Park!!!

Here is the complete album...

will end this post with thanks to my friend priya, with whom i went there..

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Beautiful Flower Show @ Lalbagh

Posted by redthil On 8/08/2010 12:38:00 PM

Flower show in Lalbagh Bangalore has began!!! It has been organised biannual every year in January and August on the occasion of Republic Day and Independence Day celebration. Its held in the Glass House of Lalbagh. Had been there in January this year, and couldnt resist going there now, when my friend told me it has started (thanks RockStar). The flower show this month started on August 6, and ends on August 16th, and is open from morning 8am-6pm. 

This time the star attraction is the 250,000 rose India Gate replica (last time it was Qutub Minar). And really impressed with one below:

Adding to this, there are so many, over 250 varieties of flowers and flower plants, arranged beautifully inside the glass house, which is a definite feast for your eyes.

And more beautiful, when you remove the surrounding distractions, and  look it through the view-finder of your expensive heavy camera. And this time, could see lot many of them, with macro lenses (this is still in my shopping cart :( ), tripods, soft-flash, etc, etc.. 

It was/is really THE beautiful place to be in bangalore now. Have managed to press the shutter button few times there and here are those results... Enjoy the beauty!!!

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"One Big Unicorn"

Posted by redthil On 8/07/2010 10:12:00 PM

One big U N I C O R N strong and free
Thought he WAS happy as can be.
Then three little kittens came around
And turned his whole life upside down.
They made him laugh, they made him cry...
He should have never said goodbye.
Now he knows he could never part... 
From the three little k i t t e n s 
(( That changed his heart.))
- Gru

if you are wondering what this is... these few lines summarizes the whole of "Despicable Me" movie. 

Well, who's Gru??? He's the Hero of the Movie, trying to become the SuperVillain of the world. literally.. to give u a sample, after knowing that a new Villain has stolen Pyramid, and exceeded the expectation set for a SuperVillain , he plans to go the Xtra-Mile and in-fact succeeds in stealing moon. yes, the MOON!!! stealing the moon with the help of his 'minions'...and thats the whole plot of the movie.

To say about the minions, when you look at them, definitely you expect them to be the stars of the "funny" part of the movie. Though few times you get to laugh loud, opportunities for that are very very few.

So, what happens to the Moon? thats where the real story and value of the movie starts, travels throughout the entire length of the movie, and still continue to remain in our minds... all because of those three orphan kids Margo, Edith and the cute little Agnes.. and they are those three little kittens, changing the world of Gru, the SuperVillain saving the Moon! Other characters that stay on your mind are the Villain of this movie Vector, Gru's scientist assistant Dr. Nefario, Roller Coaster ride in Super Silly Fun Land and the local Bank of Evil (formerly Lehman Brothers ;) )

Overall, you can watch it once and there is not going to be much difference in watching it in 3D or 2D. so, if you're in cost-saving mode, better settle with 2D only. 

And if i have to rate it, for this movie 'Despicable Me', in animated movie segment, i would give 5 out-of 10 (my most high rated movie in animated movie segment would be "KungFu Panda", with 8 out-of 10)

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In memory of Atomic Bomb victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Posted by redthil On 8/06/2010 03:24:00 PM

In memory of Atomic Bombing victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - thanks to wikipedia

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Iniya Piranthanaal Vaazhthukkal Chandrasekar!!!

Posted by redthil On 8/06/2010 12:26:00 AM

One of my most treasured pic of all time...
Only few times u really understand and experience the sentence, "somethings that money cant buy..."
Only few can make u feel so...

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HowTo: Install very useful Plugin, if you're a frequent IRCTC user

Posted by redthil On 8/05/2010 11:27:00 AM

This plugin is actually a additional ajax script on top of GreaseMonkey AddOn. Though GreaseMonkey is available for IE, FireFox, Chrome, etc, this one works well with FireFox (as far as i tested it). So, the following step by step procedure will help you to install this plugin on FireFox browser.

But, whats this Plugin all about???
Target is the "Plan My Travel" page on IRCTC site. The first step to book any ticket, is to find out the trains running between our travel route and then check on availability on those trains. We do this in IRCTC page, by entering the source and destination stations, date of travel etc. and hitting "Find Trains". Now the page shows the list of trains that run between the stations on that day. So far, so good. Now, to book tickets on a train, the we select a train and hit "Book Ticket", if we know for sure that tickets will be available for that train. However, typically we need to check availability of tickets before proceeding to book them. The page makes it frustratingly difficult to do that - checking availability for a train takes two clicks, and worse, the availability information shows up on a new window, forcing the user to switch back and forth between the windows.
So, how about the listing the availability on the same page, where it shows the list of trains? thats what this plugin does, without any extra load on that page.

Without any delay, follow these steps to install it on FireFox browser.

Step 1: Install GreaseMonkey AddOn in Firefox, if you haven't done before.(Note: If you already have this AddOn installed, skip these steps and directly goto Step 5Click Here to go to the GreaseMonkey AddOn Page for FireFox. (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748/)

Step 2: Click on "Add to Firefox" button on that AddOn page. This pops-up the "Install AddOn" screen Click on "Install" Button to start the installation of this Addon.

Step 3: Once the installation of AddOn is complete, for this AddOn to take effect, you need to Restart Firefox Browser. Click on the "Restart FireFox" button.

Step 4: Once the restart of the FireFox Browser is complete, it displays the confirmation of successful installation of GreaseMonkey Plugin.

Step 5: Install the user script for adding this new column in the List of Trains table in IRCTC site. Click here to install. (http://senthilthecoder.com/software/irctcscripts/ajaxavailability.user.js) This pops-up AJAXAvailabilty user script. Click on "Install" button to install the user script.

Step 6: Once the AJAX Availability user script is installed successfully, you'll get the message in the right bottom corner on the status bar of the FireFox browser.

Step 7: Access the IRCTC page now, you'll get the Availability column added, just like below:

Thanks to: https://msmvps.com/blogs/senthil/archive/2007/11/10/greasemonkeying-around-with-irctc.aspx
(note: thats not me... :) )

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Gorilla Glass!!!!!!!

Posted by redthil On 8/04/2010 10:56:00 AM

Image Courtesy: engadget.com
Gorilla Glass is two to three times stronger than chemically strengthened versions of ordinary soda-lime glass, even when just half as thick. Its strength also means Gorilla can be thinner than a dime, saving on weight and shipping costs.

How tough is that and how practical it is to use??? watch this "Torture Test of Dell Streak's Gorilla Glass Screen"... i'm amused really...

An ultra-strong glass that has been looking for a purpose since its invention in 1962 is poised to become a multibillion-dollar bonanza for Corning Inc.

Corning set out in the late 1950s to find a glass as strong as steel. Dubbed Project Muscle, the effort combined heating and layering experiments and produced a robust yet bendable material called Chemcor.

Then in 1964, Corning devised an ingenious method called "fusion draw" to make super-thin, unvaryingly flat glass. It pumped hot glass into a suspended trough and allowed it to overflow and run down either side. The glass flows then meet under the trough and fuse seamlessly into a smooth, hanging sheet of glass.

To make Chemcor, Corning ran the sheets through a "tempering" process that set up internal stresses in the material. The same principle is behind the toughness of Pyrex glass, but Chemcor was tempered in a chemical bath, not by heat treatment.

Corning thought Chemcor sheets created this way would be the material of choice in car windshields, but British rival Pilkington Bros. intervened with a far cheaper mass-production approach. And another Chemcor adaptation in photochromic sunglasses also fizzled in the retail market.

The 159-year-old glass pioneer is ramping up production of what it calls Gorilla glass, expecting it to be the hot new face of touch-screen tablets and high-end TVs.
Gorilla showed early promise in the '60s, but failed to find a commercial use, so it's been biding its time in a hilltop research lab for almost a half-century. It picked up its first customer in 2008 and has quickly become a $170 million a year business as a protective layer over the screens of 40 million-plus cell phones and other mobile devices.

Now, the latest trend in TVs could catapult it to a billion-dollar business: Frameless flat-screens that could be mistaken for chic glass artwork on a living-room wall.

Because Gorilla is very hard to break, dent or scratch, Corning is betting it will be the glass of choice as TV-set manufacturers dispense with protective rims or bezels for their sets, in search of an elegant look.

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AstroRobonaut Tweets!!!!!!!!

Posted by redthil On 8/03/2010 09:57:00 AM

Hello World! My name is Robonaut 2 - R2 for short. Follow my ... on Twitpic

"I also understand C++, C#, C and VHDL. But English is the only language I tweet in."

"Still on Earth at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. I am scheduled to go up to the ISS on STS-133 November 1st."

Follow the Robonaut R2 @AstroRobonaut

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