Beautiful Flower Show @ Lalbagh

Posted by redthil On 8/08/2010 12:38:00 PM

Flower show in Lalbagh Bangalore has began!!! It has been organised biannual every year in January and August on the occasion of Republic Day and Independence Day celebration. Its held in the Glass House of Lalbagh. Had been there in January this year, and couldnt resist going there now, when my friend told me it has started (thanks RockStar). The flower show this month started on August 6, and ends on August 16th, and is open from morning 8am-6pm. 

This time the star attraction is the 250,000 rose India Gate replica (last time it was Qutub Minar). And really impressed with one below:

Adding to this, there are so many, over 250 varieties of flowers and flower plants, arranged beautifully inside the glass house, which is a definite feast for your eyes.

And more beautiful, when you remove the surrounding distractions, and  look it through the view-finder of your expensive heavy camera. And this time, could see lot many of them, with macro lenses (this is still in my shopping cart :( ), tripods, soft-flash, etc, etc.. 

It was/is really THE beautiful place to be in bangalore now. Have managed to press the shutter button few times there and here are those results... Enjoy the beauty!!!

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  1. Vijesh Said,

    how long this is running?

    Posted on Monday, August 09, 2010 7:59:00 PM

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