"One Big Unicorn"

Posted by redthil On 8/07/2010 10:12:00 PM

One big U N I C O R N strong and free
Thought he WAS happy as can be.
Then three little kittens came around
And turned his whole life upside down.
They made him laugh, they made him cry...
He should have never said goodbye.
Now he knows he could never part... 
From the three little k i t t e n s 
(( That changed his heart.))
- Gru

if you are wondering what this is... these few lines summarizes the whole of "Despicable Me" movie. 

Well, who's Gru??? He's the Hero of the Movie, trying to become the SuperVillain of the world. literally.. to give u a sample, after knowing that a new Villain has stolen Pyramid, and exceeded the expectation set for a SuperVillain , he plans to go the Xtra-Mile and in-fact succeeds in stealing moon. yes, the MOON!!! stealing the moon with the help of his 'minions'...and thats the whole plot of the movie.

To say about the minions, when you look at them, definitely you expect them to be the stars of the "funny" part of the movie. Though few times you get to laugh loud, opportunities for that are very very few.

So, what happens to the Moon? thats where the real story and value of the movie starts, travels throughout the entire length of the movie, and still continue to remain in our minds... all because of those three orphan kids Margo, Edith and the cute little Agnes.. and they are those three little kittens, changing the world of Gru, the SuperVillain saving the Moon! Other characters that stay on your mind are the Villain of this movie Vector, Gru's scientist assistant Dr. Nefario, Roller Coaster ride in Super Silly Fun Land and the local Bank of Evil (formerly Lehman Brothers ;) )

Overall, you can watch it once and there is not going to be much difference in watching it in 3D or 2D. so, if you're in cost-saving mode, better settle with 2D only. 

And if i have to rate it, for this movie 'Despicable Me', in animated movie segment, i would give 5 out-of 10 (my most high rated movie in animated movie segment would be "KungFu Panda", with 8 out-of 10)

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