History of Whatever

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TV Show - Part of MERA INDIA @ Fox History Channel
"Anchored by Javed Jaffrey, this is an exclusive studio based documentary show tracing the existence of simple pleasures of life that make our one billion plus nation tick. It brings to life the various aspects of human life, the products we consume, the brands that make us, things of everyday use that give us our identity. The show helps you catch up with time… moments that you will remember for a lifetime." - Fox History Channel
Being a small fan of this "History Channel", didnt see any ads or promos about this show, till i watched the preview episodes of "History of Whatever: Chai" and "History of Whatever : AIR" (ie All India Radio) sometime last week. its a "Documentary" show, but a different kind as such... especially, the way the show took about "Chai" (nothing but "Tea" ), and how it influences all kind of people, rich -to- poor, streets -to- 5star hotels, quarter Tea -to- export quality Tea, etc etc. similarly, about AIR too. And during the show, they give some really interesting facts/info about the topic.

Apart from the contents of the show, i like the Title song very much, its lyrics, and background music too.. Awesome music.. here it is...

To tell you more about this show, let me quote few words from an article on a magazine, here...
If you thought history and humour had zilch to do with each other, here's some trivia for you. Apparently, the two aren't polar opposites, at least not when Bollywood's favourite funny man Jaaved Jaffrey is bridging the gap.
Fox History & Entertainment is all geared up to launch a new series titled “History of Whatever”. Anchored by Jaaved Jaaferi, this is a studio based documentary show tracing the existence of simple pleasures of life that makes our nation tick. In a telephonic interview, Jaaved informs: “The show is a five-part series which will be co-hosted by Santosh Desai. This is a one-of-a-kind documentary show that will leaf through pages from our lives and read them out to us like stories we have never heard before.”
What made him want to host the show? “The channel's viewership is high and the topics dealt with on the show are intriguing. Although this works within the framework of a documentary, it is quite pacey and engaging. And it's got that tinge of wry English humour and intelligence in equally sumptuous amounts.”
While he does acknowledge that he's the one that ups the humour quotient on the show, he doesn't think people would watch it for him. “A show like this speaks for itself."
- The Hindu
If you too are interested to watch this show, switch to Fox History Channel @ these timings ..

Chai - On this episode get to know the history of the nation's favourite beverage- Chai.
Time: Saturday 25 September at 12:30pm
Repeats: Sunday 26 September at 3:30pm / 7.30pm

Radio -  On this episode, get to know all about the evolution of Radio and how it has played such an important role in our country's history.
Time: Saturday 25 September at 5pm
Repeats: Saturday 2 October at 10:30am / Tuesday 5 October at 5pm

Jewelry - This episode tells all about the history of what women love most - jewellery!
Time: Sunday 26 September at 3pm
Repeats:Sunday 26 September at 7pm / Wednesday 29 September at 2pm

Names - This episode deals with the history and evolution of names.
Time: Thursday 30 September at 10pm
Repeats:Saturday 2 October at 12pm / Sunday 3 October at 3pm

Toilets - On this episode get to know the interesting history of something we all can't just do without, toilets.
Time: Thursday 7 October at 10pm
Repeats:Saturday 9 October at 10am /  Saturday 9 October at 12pm

Courtesy: Fox History Channel

Rafael Nadal and his collection of Grand Slam titles

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Nadal Wins US Open 2010

Nadal had already won the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon singles titles and by adding the US Open he joined Fred Perry, Don Budge, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Andre Agassi and Roger Federer as the only men to win the four majors.

At 24, he is the third youngest to achieve the feat and his best may be still to come.

Nadal became the first man since Laver in 1969 to win the French Open, Wimbledon and US Open in the same year and he now has the chance to hold all four concurrently if he can add the Australian Open in January.

Here are the collection pics of those Grand Slam Titles ......

Vs Mariano Puerta 6–7(6), 6–3, 6–1, 7–5    @ 2005 French Open

Vs Roger Federer 1–6, 6–1, 6–4, 7–6(4)  @ 2006 French Open

Vs Roger Federer  0–6, 6–7(5), 7–6(2), 3–6    @ 2007 French Open

Vs Roger Federer  6–1, 6–3, 6–0  @ 2008 French Open

Vs Roger Federer  6–4, 6–4, 6–7(5), 6–7(8), 9–7  @ 2008 Wimbledon

Vs Roger Federer  7–5, 3–6, 7–6(3), 3–6, 6–2   @  2009 Australian Open

Vs Robin Soderling 6–4, 6–2, 6–4   @  2010 French Open

Vs  Tomáš Berdych  6–3, 7–5, 6–4   @  2010 Wimbledon

Vs   Novak Djokovic   6–4, 5–7, 6–4, 6–2  @  2010 US Open

With nine Grand Slam titles in total -- five French Opens, two Wimbledon, one Australian Open and now one US Open, he climbed to seventh place on the all-time list and Federer's record of 16 could be within his reach if he stays healthy.

RG2005 - http://www.itftennis.com/abouttheitf/news/gallery.asp?galleryid=90&set=2
RG2006 - http://tennis62.skyrock.com (http://c4.img.v4.skyrock.net/c40/tennis62/pics/490286467.jpg)
RG2007 - http://www.itftennis.com/abouttheitf/news/gallery.asp?galleryid=151&set=1
RG2008 - http://new.taringa.net/posts/deportes/2127457/Homenaje-a-Rafael-Nadal-N_1-Del-Mundo.html (http://ecodiario.eleconomista.es/imag/efe/2008/06/08/1270176w.jpg)
WIM2008 - http://www.nadalnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/roger-federer-rafael-nadal-afp-mediafax-foto-adrian-dennis.jpg
AUS2009 - http://www.chartherct.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/tearful-roger-federer-rafael-nadal-awarding-ceremonies-2009-australian-open-men-singles-finals.jpg
RG2010 - http://www.rolandgarros.com/en_FR/news/photos/2010-06-06/201006061275830878787.html?glryid=2010-06-06/20100606
WIM2010 - http://2010.wimbledon.org/images/pics/large/b_13_nadalBerdych_23_prosport_t_hindley.jpg
US2010 - http://www.usopen.org/images/pics/large/b_09132010_Nadal__Phil_466.jpg

Wallpaper : MJ - They Dont Care About US !!!

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We will miss U Purnima...

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My Ex-Colleague Purnima's Last Day @ Oracle

All the best for all your future Endeavors Purnima!!!!
Be Happy Always !!!!
Have Fun !!!
Keep Smiling, as Always!!!

raves : hav a brk

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This is what (the kind of things) i do to hav a lil brk, but still dont want to move away from this wonderful machine....

 Below is the line which i entered in the Google Search Text Box.. just kept typing keys in keyboard...

 Outcome: the max number of chars that can be entered in Google Search Text Box - 2048

asdjASPDk[weaskldlaskdfja;sdfap[ewrkpwerjlwkmasASDLFKJASDFLJASLDKFJWEE[Pasl;ldkfas'dff;laksdfldfkjasdrwpoeriwekmalsdfkasdcmsaldkfapweoirpweralskdf;alsdfwo[erk[we;sdfahefoiawerpmsdflkjasdfkjeiwoirj[wek;asldfasjdfiaewprjslkdfasdjpaoueposdlkasdmals;kepeorisejrfmlamdsklasndpa[psekweorlaksdem;las,cmkdnfvjsrfoiasdjmacalksdkapoweeuoiqweuaklsdjaplsndkamcxnofpaosdmlaksmdparwepeoirjpasldmaksmdpa[spidwpeorpsoesdmlaskdpaosidpoeirpoaslmdawepwoeirpoasomdl;askepweiweoprpasddaapoaasdmpapwoeqpwoierrowieprkalskdmpqookoasdlamspakpoweaonslkdnaposipqwejasokdjapaoesiwoalkwnsdmapseipoweaklsdmpaoseipowejaklsdmapsoeiqpwoaojoidwqorureottreopamdaslkapowesiweomclksdawpowsidpoweipqwlaaskpaosdqwpoeiqwpdmasklaseipwqeoqiwmaslkfjksejdffushdfiygeduewoirjwewoiaksdlaksndasppowiwewioeoaijsdpaosdaiojsioasjdaksndaopseiwoperuoepworoieruweiojweirwoienrwpoealsdjakskdpaskcxnedslopwqei3owqeklasdkaskdjefeuhwpeorpwieurosadkjf;alsdjoqiwerwplmdlsdamda;slopqwueiqwopaskdlekajdsmlaekawosjepqwokdalsdaposdioqwelasdmalsdaspoeqwiawdpsoasmdklasdpoausiouqw3epalsdkmaslkdkpowqoipeiqpwoeeijdas;lasldkasdkplasd,maepcqopweudasklalsdmaskdpqwoeas;ldkasdfl;kjas;dlalskdasldkjasodpqoweiqtuieoikdsmcxaflasjlka;sdjalsdfjweoupoqueoipwerpwoeksd;lasdkjfasldcmasdrwoiuerwqwpoerkwkersaddfoqewurqwoperjmsdkflmasdioreuwyqweoprusdalkdsafnwpeoriwerusadskdlfjlasdknewprjioweurkasndasjeoiakdndisadoieryqkowdsjlaksd0we9ruwioerjaklsdmwejd02384klasdwqeiru234klanseu3y58aqiwsakldnweoi54kwqneeoqwjeioqewpodmqowehoqiwe72klqwe8wklqwoiejqweqmdsnjkcvuewiwgfblbiasdfoisersdfaklsdfoiwoerjwoer9wreuhekroasdjasihfjdkgfjdpaoierqwpiqoejkasfdjfslkdfksdfjsdlfjsldfjo[qiwrejqwelfkas;dfakjsdfw94uro34jfklsadmvncxjpewojriqweproasfdkfjowoekrpowerksldajf0wierwierupotwejyisdafbvas;dfapsodfjqwoerkasdhewyrhdjskdljsduisdlasdweosdlkasodiafjklwerkeoepoasdfijfnvbxc;lmzcxcvpwerqpwoeripa;lsdfaslkdfnnghsdyiasefoiasoidsodsiiosdopwermlasdopiasutweorpkasmdlmfa;adslaskdrj4pwouw3piu45p3welkmasdlkcmsvoejfdoialkmdf;oalsjfd;ngf;dalsfglasldfkasl;dkfj3w3owireusalkdmfls,d cxszzkfwsdfhjowq iweohroiwoeruwpoierjwklqemdslkrjwoiqehrlkwelmcsalkdjfroiq

Kiss Me... Close Ur Eyes....

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Not just one of my fav ad.... one of my most fav chocolate too....

Kiss Me... Close Ur Eyes...
Miss Me... Close Ur Eyes...
Kiss Me.......

I can read Ur Lips,
on Ur fingertips,
And Happiness in Ur Eyes...
Kiss Me... Close Ur Eyes...
Miss Me... Close Ur Eyes...

Have you felt Silk Lately??
Rich Creamy Smooth
Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk...

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