dint expect DD to do like this!!!!

Posted by redthil On 12/26/2010 09:19:00 PM

It was all about the broadcast of the launching of the satellite launch vehicle GSLV F06 on Doordharshan . Everything went fine.. both the broadcasting schedule and the launching schedule. in T-12mins, ALS got initiated successfully, and ISRO chairman R Radhakrishnan, explained the details of this rocket and the satellite, GSAT - 5P, which this rocket should have placed in its orbit. And the countdown, then the successful ignition. 

All is well till this point. it was showing the proposed trajectory and the live video of the rocket.. in exactly 47 secs (dint knew the exact secs that time, later got it..), everything went wrong for the launching plan. In first stage itself something went wrong, and just saw the rocket disintegrating and falling down.. that was the last live video on that broadcast. from that second, nothing related to this failure was shown or even updated. not even in the DD News.

Didnt expect DD to cut the broadcast, so suddenly. not even any updates on that. too bad. Atleast some ticker showing the update about this 125crore loss would have been good. Hopefully, next time atleast, the GSLV launch goes seamlessly, and even if its not, atleast DD considers the viewers and updates about it.


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