festivals are good

Posted by redthil On 1/04/2011 12:05:00 AM

Why do i like festivals????? well, first reason being, getting holiday !!! who does not like to get a holiday! a mandatory break from your daily routine work. and no one can take that away from you. but sometimes (this year, most of the times... even the New Year day), those holiday comes on Weekends, which is already a holiday (for IT people.. atleast for me..). Only those times i feel little bad. 

But the most important reason for me to like these festivals, no matter which religion it belongs to, or even National Holiday, is that everyone gets free (atleast from work) on the same day. So, you get a chance (more possibility) to meet some of your friends, who otherwise, is always busy. And more than that, that Festival day is the day, when i can call/msg someone, with full confidence that i'll get to hear their voice (not an voice-mail box) or get reply msg from them. And i get to speak to soo many of my friends in a single day! also to few of 'someone-spl' friends too... which gives you LOT of happiness.. and what else you can expect from a day!!! so, festivals, are always, good!!!!!


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