2011 Lanco International Super Series Hockey 9s

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Whats LISS?

The LISS is an event not to be missed mirroring the excitement of 20/20 cricket. Hockey Australia introduces this annual International Marquee Tournament inviting the best Commonwealth nations to Australia to play a new form of Hockey for Women & Men.  This is to be held in conjunction with the 2011 CHOGM event in Perth, the tournament will be played from October 20-23 at the Perth Hockey Stadium. Unlike any other hockey tournament in the world, this an innovative hockey tournament with all new and exciting rules to make the game even faster and more exciting.

What rule changes?

The rule changes for this tournament are sure to make each match faster and more exciting for players and spectators.

LESS PLAYERS - All teams have a maximum of 9 players on the field (instead of 11)

SHORTER - Each match consists of two 15 minute halves (instead of 2x35min), with 5 minutes for halftime and 10mins between games

ATTACKING - 1 player must stay in the attacking half at all times –penalty for a player breaching the rule - green card (2 mins)
“It is a little bit different again for sports lovers that like elite sport and can reposition hockey to non hockey fans..... The new style will really suit our game because we have fast forwards and an attacking style of play." - Madonna Blyth, Womens Team Captain, Australia
MORE ATTACKING - Unlimited Substitution  (A substitution is permitted at any time except within the period from the award of a long and penalty corner until after it is completed)

FASTER - More tolerance of foot contact and stick check to reduce unnecessary stoppages in play. If the ball hits the foot outside the circle and it doesn’t influence play i.e. non intentional use of foot then its play on & When stick contact is made and is unintentional and does not influence play then it is play on

NARROWER - The goal size is now  narrowed to 1mtr wide and 1.2mtrs high (instead of 1.8 mtr x 1.2 mtr)

PENALTY - Penalty Corner, max a 25 sec shot with Four (4) attacker’s vs. three (3) defenders including the goalkeeper  & Penalty Stroke, max an 8 sec shot with Face-off 1-on-1 with the goal keeper

GOLDEN GOAL - To end a drawn match, use of a “sudden death” system with 1-on-1 face-offs until one team fails to score

Participating Teams:

Men : Kookaburras (Aus), India, Pakistan & New Zealand

Women: Hockeyroos (Aus), India & Malaysia


Oct 20 -Thu :  Malaysia Vs India (W), Australia Vs Malaysia (W), Australia Vs Pakistan (M), New Zealand Vs India (M)

Oct 21 - Fri : Malaysia Vs Australia (W), Australia Vs India (W), Australia Vs New Zealand (M), Pakistan Vs India (M)

Oct 22 - Sat : Pakistan Vs New Zealand (M), Malaysia Vs India (W), Australia Vs India (W), Australia Vs India (M)

Oct 23 - Sun : 3rd Vs 4th (M), Women's Final, Men's Final

Courtesy: Hockey Australia

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