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I always associated the word "entrepreneur" with all the BIG names we hear around, as it involves all BIG investment.. And it was a word which i always thought it as a really tough thing to do.. and the most daring thing one can do in their life.. also i see that to be a synonym for the word "confidence".. as it shows the amount of confidence they have on themselves to take up the business..

All these, until today morning.. caz today i got to understand that this word does not always relate to the BIG and rich ones.. and sometimes the necessity, need, sheer determination, is all it takes one to be one of the millions of entrepreneurs in the world... and i'm talking about all those owners of the tea shops, paan shops, sweet shops, shoe/slipper repair shops, etc etc.. and it also includes all those makeshift shops around the most happening spots nearby..

One such spot today morning which i happened to see was near Ragigudda Temple in Jayanagar. not sure if its some festival day or kind of special day today.. it was a spot of lots of completely active people, just like bees in the hive.. everyone trying to setup their makeshift shops and few even already had customers lined-up. happened to be there for around 30 mins waiting for my friend. 

So, as always, having an 'almost' all-in-one gadget in hand, i took advantage of the Camera feature in that, and tried clicking few of the events happening there.

This guy was so dedicated in setting up his soon to be a makeshift fashion showroom. if you notice the steel pole kind of thing, it has one vertical bar, with holes in equal intervals in it. He was so sincere to count the number of holes to fit the horizontal bars, which later will be used for hanging those affordable designer costumes.

Second one on the list was this small makeshift adventure setup for kids. it was all covered with the plastic cover when i saw it.. and the owner just removed the cover and was starting to clean those colorful cars.

This guy was cleaning up each and every hair-clip and the hair-band he had. And that's the dis-advantage of having a shop near the road.

She was taking out all those ceramic vessels and tea-cups from the tightly packed cardboard boxes.. and yes she too had to cleanup every piece before lining up for the display. again, credits to the road and vehicles.

Well, i would say this guy is an expert in knowing the market and the kind of potential customers who'll be flocking around that place. he was also so busy in setting up his showroom for displaying his product, with a sample demo also.

Other than those people who are busy busy in setting up their invaluable products, there were few of the interesting makeshift shops around there.. this is one such cart, where i found the Tamarind Fruit (not the dry one). Also, not sure whether this fruit has any significance with the festival/special-day events in the temple. but it did lure me to taste one..

And this was the first time i'm seeing this kind of shop. Its the same game which will be there in all the office cultural festivals/celebrations, throw the ring and get whatever its there inside that ring.. And here, all those blocks lined up in the wooden platform were actual Currency Notes, tied to a small wooded blocks.. and few were even Rs 100 notes. really interesting it was.. dint want to try as i know about my skill level in this game.

The above two took me to those old school days of going to exhibition in my town. Seeing this after really really long time. And those days, i always thought that these Robots were the Magical Wonders of the World, and those who knew what and how our future is. [ yes, I did believe in that then ].and the pic on the right took me to even more years before. where i used to ask (or cry) my uncle to get the candy from that girl's hands. but little improved now :)

Following are few other shops which was there, but all were makeshift ones, just for these festival/special days.. but each one of them can be made into a big showroom..

And finally, and most importantly, could find this guy also very busy doing the most necessary job for all the above shops, Cleaning out the waste dumps..

One thing i could notice in all these different people was, everyone was so sincere and dedicated in doing what they are doing.  let me also try to follow that..

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