DECATHLON is now in Bannerghatta Road also...

Posted by redthil On 12/26/2011 10:44:00 PM

Yes !!!! its in Bannerghatta Road also.. that too just 400mts from my place ie Kalena Agrahara.. to give a more info on its location, its around 1.5kms from Meenakshi Temple/Royal Meenakshi Mall in the Bannerghatta Road on the left side... OR its 5.5 kms from the Jayadeva flyover towards Bannerghatta National Park OR its 1.5 kms from NICE Road Bannerghatta Road Toll booth towards Jayadeva/BTM...

For the exact location , please check the map above.

Now that i have given enough details on its second location in Bangalore (the first Mega Store is in Sarjapur Road), whats special about this store?? well, this is all-in-one store for sports and adventure related products.. you can find all kind of sports accessories  and for all kinds of sports here... from scuba-diving gears to roller-scating shoes to bi-cycles to gym-equipments to golf-kits to dart game products to anything and everything related to sports, including the sports wears for all those sports.. 

And this also has all kind of adventure gears, for all type of activities like hiking, ice-skating, rock-climbing, trekking, camping and all weather accessories.. i bought all the stuffs for my trekking trips like hiking stick, snow proof shoes, waterproof jackets, sleeping bag which can withstand upto -25degrees, all in this store only (in sarjapur store).. the great thing about this store is that, you can challenge anyone, that you wont get these items cheaper anywhere in India than this store.. thats right... anywhere in India... but, you wont find the most popular brands like Adidas or Nike or Reebok or any of your fashion brands.. some brand names i heard for the first time in this store, like Quechua, Artengo... but those are popular in the other part of the world i think.. other than the brand names, quality wise, it does match any of those costly brands.. some even performs better i think... but still, there are top class brands like Head , Babolat and other top tennis racket brands available in this store.. so, its all about the quality products, which i always care about.

The main motto of this store, unlike any other store, is that, "Try it, before you buy it".. and this is applicable to all the clothes you buy, to any of the product like camping-tent.. you can actually try it yourself, to check whether it suits you... most people even take a ride in the bicycle inside the store for trying it out, and also take a round in the skate-board , before they buy it or even just for fun.. and when you need it, there are well qualified staff there, who are capable of explaining things which you are looking for.. each one is really specialized in those products which they take care of. and they even suggest you what suits you best, if you dont have any idea about it. which is really unique about this store.

Apart from these products inside the store, there is a sufficient space in-front of the store, for having a trampoline for kids, mini-football ground, and mini-basket ball ground (only in Sarjapur Road store), mini-portable-swimming-pool also (only in Sarjapur Road store), etc, etc all free for use, even if you dont buy any product. About the buying part, this is a store for MEMBERS ONLY!!!! yes.. not open for all shoppers... but, you can get free registration and become a member, IF you are part of any Decathlon recognized Organization or Association or Group or Retailers.. for knowing whether your Organization is recognized, just call them and check.. 

well, there is an online store also, but you'll definitely miss the fun and experience of going to the store and getting things from the store.. The Bannerghatta Decathlon store became functional from last Friday (ie December 23rd 2011) and the store is  open from 8am to 8pm (hopefully its same like the Sarjapur Road store) .. still, just for the info, the website is

So, everytime i needed some stuffs, mostly for my trips, previously i had to travel all the way to Sarjapur Road, after carmelaram railway station.. going and coming back itself was like an adventure for me.. but a worthy adventure, as when u enter the store, you'll get definitely amazed by the whole store open for you, under single roof.. Now that this is just like next door to me, i can utilize it to the full extend... and now there will be lot of Quechua and artengo and kipla products in my home..

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Hi RedThil,

    Myself SriVyas,Iam the Head of cycling Department and the Communication Manager for Decathlon Bannerghatta.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from The whole Team of Decathlon Bannerghatta for blogging about us. It was really nice to read it.
    Customers like yourself,talking about us, make us feel very proud for the work we do.

    Next time you are at store please do come and meet me,would like to meet you in person and thank you for you words :) Till then,

    Decathlon Bannerghatta

    Posted on Tuesday, January 03, 2012 5:53:00 PM

  2. redthil Said,

    Hi Sri Vyas,

    Thank you very much for your comment Sir!!! it was more nice for me to see your comment here!!!

    sure .. was there last friday.. will visit again soon and will meet you there Sir.

    thanks again

    Posted on Wednesday, January 04, 2012 11:37:00 PM

  3. Unknown Said,

    First thing.. i did not know you lived on Bannerghatta Road. :) I live there too.. :)

    Second.. you got Decathlon Membership? I could make use. :)

    Posted on Monday, March 05, 2012 4:49:00 PM

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