one of my worst day and one of the luckiest day

Posted by redthil On 1/13/2012 01:51:00 AM


worst day, ,because, i lost my mobile :(
luckiest day, because, i got it back!!!!! :) :) :) :)

there is no explanation needed for the worst day part..
but behind the luckiest day part, there are plenty of reasons...

i dint realize that i have lost it, for almost 6 hours!!!
and yes, i did get it back after 6 longs hours of it lying somewhere..

when i did realize it, i was sooo convinced that, i have left it in office only..
as we dint find it in the camera bag, laptop bag, car, etc, etc..

but it was Pradeep who urged me to check the action-sports venue first,
and Sanjeev/Kripa/Apoorva joined him, extending their precious time, to go back to the venue..

then it was my very poor memory that, all i could remember was,
using it last in office only and couldn't think of me loosing it in this venue..

until Apoorva/Pradeep proved me that,
my memory is indeed , very very poor.. poorer than i thought...

reached the action-sports venue, looked for the facility management people there,
but found some 10 cars with group of men, playing mgmt people...

my hopes went from bad to worst,
as even if it was lost here, my chance of getting it was less than 1%..

all of us started to search in all corners of the place,
as i'm known to roam more, than standing in one place.. and its a big facility too..

all of a sudden, i saw pradeep running out,
thought he forgot to lock his car, as it was total dark outside...

for my surprise, and to all our surprise,
he came back, having my mobile in his hand...

for a moment, it looked as-if,
he's actually coming with the Olympic torch in hand..

yes, its that much precious for me,
and could see excitement & relief in all our faces..

the answer to my question of where he found it, was more surprising.
as the answer was, on the ground, between the grasses, near the place where we parked his car..

wat!!!!! i dint hav any clue,
on how it could be in that place..

but had valid reasons for it to be fallen there,
as i was juggling with so many gadgets when getting down..

at 2.30pm in the afternoon..
and the time then was 8.30 pm...

having said the events that unraveled,
now to most amazing things that saved my mobile..

it was in silent-vibration mode,
which saved it from others hear the ringtone,
when we tried so many calls..

it was covered with black-leather pouch,
which saved if from others seeing it in open,
hiding the bright light from screen and camouflaging it in dark night..

it was not ran over by any other car,
as there was so many cars went out,
and so many cars which came in...

it was not found by any other person,
no security person, no other group people, not even us,
except for one person, The "Path-Finder" Pradeep!!!!!!

the only hope we had in this search operation was,
no one answered our call, no one cut our call, it was not switched off too..
it was just ringing, ringing, ringing, ringing, ringing, ringing, ringing, ringing......

And thanks to my colleagues, who kept on calling non-stop,
And thanks to Sanjeev/Kripa/Apoorva, for their precious time in this search operation,
And thanks to Pradeep, without him, i would have never got chance to hold this mobile again!!!

All Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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