Weekend Birding : Kaikondanahalli Lake, Bangalore

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Sunday, 26 Feb 2012

This time our weekend birding destination was Kaikondanahalli Lake (also referred as Kaikondrahalli Lake or KK Halli Lake). This is on the Sarjapur Road, Near the Total Mall. I have gone passed that lake lot of times. But never paused to have a walk around the lake, as i thought its not a that-good-lake to spend time. My memory, prior to this visit, dates back to the time, when this lake was just another bangalore lake, used as a sewage storage place or a dry dry ground. So, when we (Parikshit) decided on this lake, i did not have any expectations of good sightings of birds around that area. 

But when we reached that place, all my thoughts changed instantly. Thanks to the people living near that lake, whose initiative, along with the BBMP, various environmentalists & other volunteer organizations, because of whom, the situation there has improved a LOT !!!!! (you can read more @ http://www.uwbengaluru.org/kaikondanahalli-lake-update ). We had really good sightings of birds and also could spend lot of time there (not a picnic spot though). we can see lot of people jogging around the lake in the morning, also groups of photographers (like us) trying to get the pictures. 

Following are the pics taken there...

White Throated Kingfisher
[ The sighting of this bird was like, it was just waiting there to welcome us to the lake ]
Green Bee Eater
Spot Billed Duck
Darter (or SnakeBird)
Golden Oriole - Male [ Pic taken by Parikshit ]
Golden Oriole - Female
Pond Heron
White Breasted Waterhen
Rufous Paradise Flycatcher - Male
[ had a real challenge in taking pic of this bird.. as always, this ensures that its always hidden  behind the too much disturbing bushes/sticks/stems ]
Rufous Paradise Flycatcher - Male
[ spent around 30-40mins tracking or looking for this bird. it was almost noon, which made the spotting it difficult , as most of the times what we see is a silhouette of this bird ]
Small blue Kingfisher
Grey Wagtail
[ Pic taken by Parikshit ]
Marsh Harrier

Plain Prinia

Waterhen or Common Moorhen

Grey Heron

Common Coot

White bellied Drongo

Some of the pictures which i like because of the composition..

Beautiful Sunrise - with a flock of Ibis flying...

i like the reflection

Next in the Line!!!!!

Cormorants flying

Beans Creepers [ taken at Muthanallur lake, we just went there to visit that location ]

Our Team this time : Parikshit (Parry), Aditya & Albin.

Thanks to the Team !!!!!!

Weekend Birding : Jaipurdoddi, Bangalore

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Sun, 19 Feb 2012 

This time was part of the Bangalore BWFC's (Bird Watchers' Field Club) Third Sunday Trail-19th Feb 2012-Jaipurdoddi. This place is in the Bannerghatta Area, after Shivanahalli (or after Ramakrishna Mission School). Following is the exact detail on how to reach that place: 

"Reaching Jaipurdoddi : Take the Bannerghatta Road from the Bangalore City. Cross the Bannerghatta National Park - the road curves to the left at the Bannerghatta Police Station. Proceed further towards Jigani. Halfway, on the right hand side you will see the Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli hoarding. (You will also notice a Swamy Ayyappa temple hoarding). This is Ragihalli Gate Bus Stop.Take a right turn there and drive for about 11 kms. Do not take any side roads (rare and few) that you will come along . Travelling through the Bannerghatta National Park reserved forest, you will have to cross the Ragihalli village to come over to Shivanahalli.Once at Shivanahhalli Village, take the new road on the right which leads to Jaipurdoddi." - Thanks to BWFC for this info. 

Though we have been to this place before, that time, our focus was not this place primarily. This time, Jaipurdoddi was our starting point or the area of focus. Our initial plan was to gather at 6.30am, but always, 30mins buffer time is always taken into account. So, we reached the starting point at 7am. By the way, by "we" here i refer to, Parikshit, Harsha and Me. I joined Parikshit in his car and Harsha was in his brand new (he claims its already old though) bullet, Electra. 

So this time, my primary focus turned out to be on the overall composition, than a tight portrait of the birds. so, it was lil interesting to zoom out a little, and get the perch also in the frame, than going all the way to 500mm. So, following are the pictures taken with Canon 7D & Sigma 150-500, Handheld.

A little close-up , for a change...

Parikshit [Parry] & Harsha
Other members came for this month third sunday trail

Thanks to Parry/Harsha/BWFC !!!!

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